Liberia: National Fire Service Make Stride to Improve Gender-Balanced, Launches Gender Policy Department


MONROVIA- The Liberia National Fire and Rescue service (LNFRS) has made advancement in mainstreaming gender in its plan to facilitate the promotion of gender equality and women’s participation in the security sector.

The LNFRS with support from UN Women over the weekend launched the Liberia National Fire Service gender policy department for the first time in existence.

The Director of the LNFRS, Alex Dickson launching the policy, said since the establishment of the fire service in 1948, the sector has never had a female being included on the table of decision making.

He said since his appointment as head of the fire service, he has been instrumental in shifting the paradigm of the fire service through women promotion and participation in decision making and with that, he has appointed the first female Assistant Director of Administration, Col. Barclay.

“Today we have come this far through the effort of UN Women to facilitate the promotion of gender equality and equal rights. Looking at the rights of women and their effort in the security sector, I remain committed to promote women in the security sector in their service to country,” Dickson said as he launched the LNFRS gender policy.

In remark, Pamela Mkwamba, the Deputy Country Representative of UN Women lauded the fire service boss and his team for their level of commitment in promoting gender equality and assured UN Women’s commitment to partner with the Liberia National Fire Service to improve the sector.

“Liberia’s second phase of the National Action Plan on women, peace and security clearly calls for the integration of gender into security institutions and with the LNFRS being no exception. I am happy that you have taken the first step towards achieving this goal through the creation of a gender and social inclusion department and development of gender policy and action plan,” Ms. Mkwamba said.