“We Will Not Be Quiet” – Unity Party Commits to Becoming Robust Opposition Party


Foya, Lofa County – With just more 10 days for the Unity Party-led government to turn over power to the Coalition for Democratic Change as the ruling political party, UP is bracing itself to become the major opposition political party.

Report by J.H. Webster Clayeh – [email protected] 

The Unity Party was only able to win one county (Lofa County) out of the 15 counties during the presidential runoff elections. 

Despite their defeat, the party was still able to reach out to their supporters mainly in Lofa County to appreciate them for giving their support to the party.   

Wilmot Paye, the Chairman of Unity Party, at their party’s appreciation program held in Foya, Lofa County on Thursday told supporters that despite all of the noise that were surrounding the election because of their love for country they had to accept the result, something he said was unprecedented in the country’s history. 

Despite the party’s Standard-bearer Vice President Joseph Boakai being the first standard-bearer in recent time to give out a concession speech after the election result, Paye said their party will be “robust as opposition party and not idle”.

Paye said although the party had already been coined as an opposition party during the election, their defeat to the CDC has officially made them an opposition party. 

“They had put us officially in opposition, even though technically we were there in the opposition.”

“We are now opposition. So, they got us to contain with”, Paye said. 

The Unity Party Chairman said the party will not be silent or quiet. 

“Our party will not be a party in the opposition; but it will be a party that is people center party, a party that will not just go on radio and criticize, a party that will not violet our tradition and insult our elders”, he said.