Speaker Tyler Reappears in Court to Justify US$150,000K Bond


Monrovia – Barely two weeks after his indictment by state prosecutors, House Speaker Alex Tyler is scheduled to re- appear at the Criminal Court “C” today at 10: am to justify a US$150,000 insurance bond filed on his behalf.

The first appearance of the Speaker at the court on May 25, 2016 was when he and Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman were indicted by the state for bribery, economic sabotage, criminal facilitation, conspiracy and solicitation.

He was met with boos by the public when they thronged at the court to catch a glimpse of the proceedings.

Today’s appearance is his second since his indictment in court last month. The stage is set for his legal counsels to justify the US$150,000 bond filed by the Sky International Insurance Company for his temporary release until the case is called for hearing.

The justification of the speaker’s bond comes days after prosecution filed a bill of exception to Criminal Court “C” asking the court to set the bond aside and reprimand the Speaker because, according to them, it is insufficient, defective and invalid.

In furtherance of its exception, state lawyers under the watch of Montserrado County Attorney Cllr. Daku Mulbah told the lower court in the bill of exception that the Sky International Insurance Company has no bank statement to support the claim that the surety has said amount in its account, neither is there a listing of assets to show that it is sufficient to underwrite the bond for the House Speaker.

Similar exception was filed by the prosecution against the US$1,500,000 bond filed by indicted Grand Cape-Mount Senator Varney Sherman and two other defendants, E.C.B. Jones and Christopher Onanuga who are to appear before the Criminal Court “C” also this week to justify their bonds.

The indictment of the two senior lawmakers grew out of a Global Witness May 2016 Report released on Liberia where the pairs and several other lawmakers have been accused of allegedly receiving bribes to  award the concession agreement to Sable Mining to mine the  Wologisi Mountain in Lofa County.

State indictment indicated that the defendants, including House Speaker Tyler, used their respective offices in government to effect the objective of their plan which was to alter the Public Procurement and Concession Commission Law and did succeed in having the law change to give the Minister of Lands & Mines and Energy the power to declare an area a non-bidding area as reflected in Article (75) of the amended PPCC Acts.

For Senator Varney Sherman, the indictment also stated that being the mastermind of the commission of the crime of economic sabotage and with the full knowledge that he was treading a dangerous path, began to obstruct every effort to retrieve credible records and interactions with persons who were part of the conspiracy to send and receive cash for the achievement of the objectives.

“Wherefore, the Grand Jurors upon oath do hereby say that the defendants aforesaid and in the form and manner did criminally, recklessly and purposely commit the crimes of bribery, criminal conspiracy, economic sabotage and criminal solicitation” said the state’s indictment.

Kennedy l. Yangian [email protected]