Liberia: ‘Weah And Officials Are Partners In Crime’ – Cummings


MONROVIA – The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings says the character, image, and values of the Minister of State Nathaniel McGill are a direct reflection of President George Weah and therefore lack the moral authority to fight corruption in his government.

Mr. Cummings said in five years, if the President was unaware of McGill excesses, then he is incompetent, but if he knew and failed to act, then the President is a partner, enabler and facilitator of the stealing.

The ANC Political Leader reacting to the U.S imposition of sanctions on three senior officials, said President Weah lacks the moral will and standing to fight stealing in his administration.

Mr. Cummings said “President Weah is either dangerously derelict or shamefully complicit in the stealing and abuses that that have swallowed up his administration.”

The ANC Political Leader said the President has emboldened his officials to steal and behave unaccountably by his bad examples of suddenly acquiring unexplained wealth which he publicly display in the purchase and building of personal condominiums, resorts and even an entire personal city since after inauguration in 2018.

Cummings said President Weah acquired these massive wealth and access, after declaring to a United States Court, that he was indigent and incapable of meeting his father’s responsibility to a mother and daughter in 2016.

He said President Weah has not only disappointed and disgraced the Liberian people by his lacked of leadership, but has continued to encourage stealing by his officials, especially those in his inner circle, both by his bad examples and complicity.

Cummings said the U.S sanctions on the Minister for Presidential Affairs, McGill, the Managing Director of the National Port Authority, Bill Tweahway, and Liberia’s Solicitor General, Saymah Cyrenius Cephus, speak volume, about how President Weah has continued to poorly perform his duties and manage the country’s resources.

He said President Weah’s mere suspension of his closed confidant and two officials is inadequate to address the injuries caused the Liberian people and also insufficient to exonerate the President from the increasing public perception of his involvement in the commission of these high crimes.

Cummings said the President has often announced several investigations into murders, mysterious deaths, citizens disappearances and cases of corruption, but noted that the these investigations have never been made public or led to any desirable outcomes.

According to the ANC Political Leader, the President’s pronounced suspension and investigation of his three sanctioned officials, is a mere ploy to coverup and deceives only himself.

While commending the U.S Government for helping to expose and punish officials of the Weah’s administration for the increasing wave of stealing and abuse of public office, Mr. Cummings cautioned, that the U.S Government can’t continue to do for Liberia, what Liberians ought to do for our country.

He expressed support to the U.S Ambassador’s assertion, that Liberians currently, being victimized by these acts of corruption will now feel empowered to peacefully stand up against corruption and resolved to say no more.

“No more must Liberians accept past wrongs to justify the continuation of wrongs, or fear our government to accept the wrongs of public officials, or believe we are powerless to challenge the excesses of government, whose duty is to set higher moral standard of leadership and good examples,” Mr. Cummings said.

He said for too long, few Liberians have continued to acquire massive illegal wealth, while the vast majority are hungry; Teachers, nurses, doctors and civil servants are grossly underpaid, hospitals without medicine and beds and high unemployment especially among youths.

Cummings said the country’s wealth and resources belonged to all Liberians and not just few or some officials in government, noting that it’s offensive for officials to steal and publicly boast of stealing from the downtrodden masses to give back to them.

The ANC Political Leader assured that under his administration, there will be zero tolerance for officials accused of stealing or misappropriating public resources.

Cummings said prosecuting public officials for corruption and ensuring justice without discrimination, is the surest way to change Liberia, and lift the vast majority out of extreme poverty.