Liberia: Rivergee Lawmaker Poure Joins CDC


Monrovia – Rivergee County District #1 Representative, Alexander Poure has confirmed his departure from the opposition All Liberian Party to join the governing Coalition for Democratic Change.

Rep. Poure who won on the All Liberian Party’s in the 2017 election initially switched his support verbally to President George Weah following the President Weah visit to Karweaken District, River Gee County on his county tour.

Rep Poure revealed that his decision to join the CDC is not about securing his seat, stressing even if Jesus Christ holds someone’s hand in his district, he could come victorious.

According to Rep Poure, he has turned in his resignation from the ALP and I had filled in the Coalition for Democratic Change membership form.

Rep Poure revealed that the decision was a personal conviction and also with a supported called from the people that he represents, 

“The decision was not hastened. It was well thought off. The reception is not bad because people in the CDC are welcoming,” Rep Poure said.

Adding “When the people whom I represent petition me for a particular job, as a representative, have no option but to obey them.”

“I am a southeasterner, this is our time to support our own because if it slip from our hands tomorrow people will be pointing fingers at us.”

Rep Poure explained that the government is comprised of three branches, and it is his responsibility to help the government succeed for the benefit of Liberians.

“I bring my energy, experience, and expertise on board to help the government to succeed for the benefit of the greater good for majority of the people,” Rep Poure said.

Rep Poure, however, calls on lawmakers both in the opposition and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change to collaborate to rebuild the country and help the ordinary people.