Liberia: Rep. Clarence G. Gahr Gets Endorsement for Second Term in Margibi County


Gibi District – Margibi County District# 5 Representative Clarence G. Gahr’s second term bid has received a huge boost at the climax of several stakeholders’ meetings in rural Gibi District involving the august body of influential elders and opinion leaders who sought to give him the moral imprimatur to vie for the second term. The massage was familiar. But the basis was genuinely uncommon.

Rep. Gahr accompanied by the Gibi District Commissioner and entourage who trekked more than 12 hours on a week-long tour in the hard-to-reach dense greenery and hilly region of the district received a rousing welcome on every step along the way from the multitude of citizens for being the first sitting lawmaker to enter and sleep in that part of the district.

Stakeholders following the conduct of the series of meetings told FrontPageAfrica that the exemplary leadership qualities displayed by their lawmaker had lent momentum to the growing support from the people of Gibi District for his second term. 

“The construction and completion of the Kollie Dede-Ta and Gilila Town Public Schools are some of our lawmaker’s tangible. We are also aware that he has renovated the A.A. Mission Public School that got damaged by a storm and also constructed the Weala Public School annex and a clinic in Vayeamah Town around Firestone Plantation. These are tangible that has necessitated our support for Rep. Gahr’s second term bid.” An elder remarked. 

The Gibi District stakeholders also lauded Rep. Gahr for the launch of the L$6million grant for women of electoral district five, noting that the initiative has financially improved the livelihood of many of the beneficiaries.

For his part, Rep. Clarence G. Gahr. welcomed the citizens’ endorsement, stating that his weeklong tour was not intended to discuss his reelection bid, but to interface with dwellers of that part of the district and fulfill the immediate developmental needs of the people and also work with them in the implementation of long term development projects. 

At the same time, the Margibi County Lawmaker on separate occasions distributed the amount of L$1.4million to women of Gibi District in several towns and villages, including Beahn, Yeabea, Nyuah, Larkai, Gaye Gbar, Monwein, amongst others. The grant is in continuation of Rep. Gahr’s L$6million grant initiative to women of the district.

Rep. Gahr who earlier on provided several Personal Amplifier Systems (PA Systems) to towns of Gibi District promised based on the citizens’ request to procure for their rice and cassava grinding machines, roofing sheets, cements bags, plastic chairs, amongst others.