Liberia: Presidential Aide Rally Liberians to Support Weah’s Second Term Bid


MONROVIA – Ahead of Liberia’s 2023 Presidential and General Elections, Presidential Aide, Sekou Kalasco Damaro has launched the WEAH 2023 Re-Election Intelligentsia.

The WEAH 2023 Intelligentsia, a political movement established by Liberians from diverse political background to ensure President WEAH retains the presidency in 2023.

The movement sponsored by Presidential Aide Kalasco was launched over the weekend at the Jimmy Jolocon School in Barnesville with scores of government officials and citizens who believe in the ideology of President Weah in attendance.

Speaking at the launched of the movement, Kalasco said supporting President Weah comes with one’s belief in his leadership and ideology of President Weah whom he believed is in the interest of all Liberians to transform Liberia into a country where everyone will feel a part despite of their political affiliations, origin and religious background.

He said President Weah remains committed in his collective quest to empower the citizens of Liberia through better road, infrastructure development, education and good health services.

According to him, the President is committed to secure a better wellbeing for all Liberians than any other politicians in Liberia.

“What President George Weah has done for this country ranging from his footballing days to the Executive Mansion, no other politician who claim to love this country has ever thought of doing so including Mr. Cummings who served Coca-Cola in an executive position and have no tangible on the lives of Liberians,” he said.

Mr. Kalasco, however, used the occasion to call on Mr. Cummings to show his tangible on the lives of the Liberian people while in the employed of Coco-cola since he claimed to love Liberia than President Weah who has been committed all through his life to serve Liberia.

For his part, the Chairman of the Weah 2023 Intelligentsia, Mr. Theo Davies, used the occasion to applaud Kalasco for his unflinching support in working with the team to secure a one round victory for President Weah in 2023.

He said the group is committed to campaign throughout the length and breadth of Liberia to secure President Weah’s second term victory.

“The government of President Weah has worked tirelessly in the interest of all Liberians, so we remain committed to ensure that this President retained his seat in 2023,” he said.