Liberia: Disenchanted PLP Members Disparage Party’s Decision Join Forces With CDC


Monrovia — Some disenchanted executives and members of the People’s Liberation Party, (PLP), have taken aback at the decision of the party’s Political Leader, Tapple E. Doe and others to join the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

People’s Liberation Party National Secretary Edwin Bemah noted that the decision made by their current Political Leader, Doe, and others is against the constitution and policy governing the People’s Liberation Party, and contravenes advocacy made by the institution’s founding father, the late Daniel E. Cassell.

Terming the decision as unilateral, Bemah pressed, that said the decision will be resisted.

“As one of the biggest chapters in the People’s Liberation Party, we like to use this medium to inform the world & the suffering masses that the Political Leader, Mr. Tapple E. Doe & others acted on their own and we are going the o resist the decision of taking the PLP to the CDC on the ground that, it is not in the best interest of the people we have been fighting to liberate from abject poverty and unimaginable hardship under a regime that doesn’t understand the value of human life,” Bemah told FrontPageAfrica over the weekend.

Recently, six opposition parties signed a joint resolution including PLP, stating their intent to collaborate with the CDC for a second-term victory of President George Mannah Weah.

The program which was graced by supporters of the constituent parties was also attended by CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Secretary-General Jefferson Tamba Koijee, and Madam Josephine Davies. 

During the officiating of the patent on behalf of PLP, its Chairman, Bernard Benson, alias D.J. Blue, said they are excited to form part of the CDC. 

“Today, I like to welcome all sister parties to this historic occasion. I want to reassure you that this place is your home from today onwards,” Benson said. 

Presenting the joint resolution to Chairman Morlu, PLP Political Leader Tapple Doe described the signing ceremony of the framework document as historical, adding that it is approved by President Weah’s one-round victory. 

Doe expressed excitement to join with other pol parties to ensure a successful re-election of President George M. Weah comes October 10.

However, Bemah contended, that the Political Leader’s decision runs opposite to the party’s vision bearer fight to extricate “the suffering masses from every hardship.

By joining the CDC, Bemah noted that the Political Leader has demonstrated that the PLP is not in the best interest of Liberians and had succumbed the party to “the CDC’s awful leadership style.”

Bamah believed it was practical that PLP join forces with other parties with similar ideologies of rescuing Liberians from economic calamity.

PLP was established and officially certificated as a full-flagged political party in Liberia by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on December 21, 2020.

The late Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, who holds a Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Psychology from North Central University in the United States, is the former Standard Bearer of the PLP.

Since its establishment, the decision of Bemah and his likes to resist their Political decision to band with the CDC is not the first of its kind for the People’s Liberation Party, to be engulfed in a political scuffle.

On July 29, 2022, the Chairman of the ANC Senator Daniel Naatehn, under the signature of its then, National Chairman Tapple E. Doe, the PLP unanimously agreed to also join the CPP and work together to unseat President George M. Weah in the October 10 poll, but that decision did not materialize following the death of it’s former Political Leader, Daniel Cassell.