Liberia: Bongese Rallying Support for Edward Karfiah Ahead of 2023 Senatorial Elections


FUAMAH DISTRICT, Bong County – In less than 19 months, Liberians will turn their eyes towards watching the proceedings of the senatorial and presidential elections which will produce new senators and a president.

In Bong County, to say that the atmosphere is anxious and eagerly awaiting the dawn of the day in the real sense wouldn’t be an attempt to make an unverifiable assertion or claim. 

There are nine aspirants jostling to rival incumbent senator Dr. Henrique Tokpa (Independent), including two-term representative of District Five, Edward Karfiah of the opposition People’s Unification Party (PUP), former agriculture minister Dr. Mogana Flomo (Independent), former president of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) Mohammed Nasser (Independent), former Bong County superintendent Ranney Jackson, of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), businessman Johnny Kpehe (Independent), Amos Barbu, a staffer of Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and a partisan of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), Silas Tokpa, a lecturer at Cuttington’s Suakoko campus, former Bong County senator and a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic (CDC), Henry Yallah, and Sanoyea-based politician Pinky Bemah.

But it’s Karfiah’s sterling performance over the years as a representative that residents of the county use as a gauge to measure his ability to become a Senator.

For Karfiah, his desire to become a Senator is to put himself up for the service to humanity by obeying the clarion call of his kinsmen and wide supporters across the county.

Karfiah’s “Choose Your Project” Initiative

Through his choose-your-project initiative, Karfiah has affected all the 13 administrative districts in Bong County positively. The project is one contrived in the need for districts to identify their own priority projects for which he has used his funds to execute.

Karfiah said the initiative will help districts to identify their own needs, devoid of the usual way politicians move into a district and builds a project for them, without recourse to what the real needs of the people are.

Karfiah’s “Rebuild, Rescue and Restore” mantra

Apart from the “choose your project” scheme, Karfiah, armed with vast knowledge in politics and governance, has also devised a pragmatic approach that he says would bring smiles to the faces of residents of Bong County in the near future.

The introduction of his “Rescue, Rebuild and Restore” Bong mantra, through which he intends to work with residents of the county to plant oranges in the 13 administrative districts of the county has endeared him to citizens. 

During the launch of the initiative in Palala, Kpaii District, attendees hailed Karfiah for being “farsighted”, saying such an initiative would make residents of the county self-reliant.

Forkpah Flomo, a 45-year-old resident of Zoweinta in Kpaii District, described the initiative as a “golden opportunity”, adding: “This is an opportunity not just for the present generation but our children’s future. I would like to congratulate Edward Karfiah for such a worthy venture and your farsightedness to think beyond normal politicians.”

Why the odds favor Karfiah

Despite growing from a rustic background with poor parents, Karfiah has been able to break all barriers, galvanized from nothing to something, striking the right chord with the spirit of excellence and success. 

His numerous achievements as representative of District Five have attracted his kinsmen as they have mounted pressure on him to contest in 2023.

Karfiah has the backing of strong political leaders, opinion leaders, youths and women of Bong County who are solidly behind his candidature. 

The likes of former Bong County superintendent Selena Polson-Mappy, who has twice contested and finished second in electoral District Six, two-term former District Three lawmaker George Sylvester Mulbah, two-term former District One lawmaker and former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Tokpah J. Mulbah, two-term former District Six lawmaker Adam Bill Corneh, District Two lawmaker James Kolleh, whose recent by-election victory was influenced by Karfiah, have all declared support for the District Five representative.

This amount of endorsements, according to political pundits, has surpassed what Prince Moye received in 2020 on his road to victory as senator of Bong County.

In earnest, Karfiah’s political movement seems to be massive and in no time it has turned a formidable team posing as a threat to his rivals.

As a Senator, Karfiah has promised that his projects across the county would be human-oriented focused that would benefit all sundry. Some of the notable projects he has embarked on are the construction of a US$ 300,000.00 health center on the outskirts of Totota, lower Bong County, which is the first modern health since to be constructed in lower Bong County, the extension of the Digeh health center with an estimated amount of US$ 20,000.00, and the distribution of essential drugs to all clinics in Bong County.

Karfiah has also rehabilitated roads in Bong, particularly in parts of Sanoyea, District Two.

As a lover and promoter of the youth and women’s demography, he has constantly engaged them and promised to give them a high stake level of engagement.

He is of the opinion that youths and women play a pivotal role in the growth of any country and if given the opportunity to serve in full capacity as a Senator, as he has done during his tenure as a representative, he would make sure to empower the youth and women.

Karfiah is a formidable force to reckon with and his followership across the county has proved that he is indeed a man who is ready for the job, according to political pundits.