Coalition For Democratic Change Campaign Slogan Confuses Electorates


Monrovia – The message on CDC’s posters and banners is proving difficult to fathom by many Liberians.

Report by Bettie Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

In three words, CHANGE FOR HOPE is leaving many Liberians scratching their heads.

For Josiah Swen said he does not know what the slogan means but has an interest in the standard bearer of the party, George Weah. 

“I don’t care what is on the poster but I have an interest in the picture mainly George Weah, I voted for him 2005, 2011 and I are voting him again.” 

Mary Teah, a Sociology student at the University of Liberia said – “Both of them have degrees. Can we say they made an error?

“We can’t say because they know what they meant so we want them to come out. I’m a clinician but don’t understand the slogan.” 

“I feel that the Liberian people have problems. When the man first came, they said he never knew the book, now he’s trying, they’re still talking.”

“I think we should be happy for his improvement,” said Henry Kollie, a CDCian turned Unity Party supporter. 

“I am voting for Unity Party.” 

“I was a Cdician but now I support Boakai because I think he can make a difference. So for the slogan, they need to come and explain to us.” 

Felecia Gard thinks it should be the other way round. 

“I don’t know what they meant because I know people ‘hope for change’ and not ‘change for hope.”

“if we are changing for hope to me, it’s like we have a long time to hope and hoping on nothing, there should be a punctuation mark like exclamation but nothing at all, so we expect them to explain to us.”

“I think the CDC is saying we should change before we hope but what are we hoping forever—they have to tell us.” 

Cecelia Dahn alleged that the printing press made an error on the poster.

“Maybe the printing press made an error because I cannot understand the phrase ‘change for hope’.

The blind are leading the blind because we expect Senator Taylor and others who are more educated to help the party.”

Janga Kowo, Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change said it is no error on the part of the party – “We did not make a mistake.” 

“We know exactly what “Hope For Change” means, but we are not hoping for change, we are seeking change, therefore it’s not the rationale behind our campaign mantra. 

“All along, we have kept “Hope Alive” that one day Liberia will get better than it is now”

“. We have kept “Hope Alive” that one day we will live in a Liberia where our people will not live in abject poverty but in abundance.” 

“We have kept  “Hope Alive” that one day we will live in a Liberia where elitism will be abolished and corruption declared a common enemy.” 

“A Liberia where cronyism and nepotism will have no seat at the table. We have kept “Hope Alive” for a Liberia where every citizen will have a fair share of the national wealth; and that our citizens will prosper and live in a land of endless opportunities.” 

Kowo said throughout the tenure of President Sirleaf, Liberians have kept hope alive. 

“We have kept “Hope Alive” for a Liberia where we will have a strong and vibrant private sector so that we can create jobs for our citizens.