Opinion Survey Puts Dumoe in the Lead ahead of others in Bong county


FrontPageAftica has obtained a voter intention poll survey report placing three senatorial candidates as being at the top ahead of other candidates contesting the senatorial election in Bong County.

The survey is about the election in Bong County and was conducted by a private mining firm operating in the county.

The private mining firm with concession rights recently sponsored a voter intention poll that was concluded in October, 2020.

The study was done to guide the company’s strategists. The poll was conducted by Ghanaian and Israeli firms. FPA has been shown the document by a corporate source under conditions of strict anonymity.

The firm in it’s findings revealed that most voters are disillusioned in the county with the current leaders of the county.

70% of the people of Bong County expressed high degree of pessimism that the elections will change anything, the report revealed.

The report says 36% in the county said they won’t be voting during the election, while 26% thought all current serving legislators were corrupt and won’t be voting for any candidate currently holding office.

It is reported that 2% of the residents in Bong County think none on  the current slate of candidates  is good enough.

The report however revealed that 78% of the residents in the county think former President Charles Taylor was a great leader and want him back as president.

The residents of the county  have lack of confidence in the current county leadership while 52% of the local leadership are said to be failing the people of the county the report has said.

Among the candidates in the county, the report has place one of the candidates, Menipakei Dumoe as being in the lead among the rest of the candidates.

The report say about 46% of respondents said they (residents) they will vote for Menipakei Dumoe , because of his advocacy to free Charles Taylor.

While 34% of respondents said they would vote for Deputy House Speaker, Prince Moye because of his generosity and development activities across the county.

12% of respondents in Bong County also who had intention of voting said they preferred incumbent Senator Henry Yallah because he was finally delivering on his promises and that he should be given a second chance.

8% of the residents in the county also said they will vote for other candidates in the senatorial race in the county.

The report has also revealed that 80% of respondent’s in the county thought concessions and their local leaders are responsible for the high level of poverty and hardship in the county.

The report says that 75% in the county think disunity amongst county leadership is the main thing holding the county back.