Reckless EPS Action Needs Action


Everyone knows how critical I am of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf presidency. And on this one, I will wait to see what action she takes on her nightclub, women chasing and partying Presidential security guards, the Executive Protection Service.

Immediately fire/dismiss the head of the EPS and the gun toting, Texas style, shoot up the bar, woman chasing baboon who is a risk, not only to Ellen but to the country.

For Liberians asking if we are ready to handle our own National less than a month after the United Nations troops turned over the duties of protecting ourselves by this reckless behavior of the EPS shooting up in a night club? Ready or not; what we see is what we get after building up our security system for 13 years. What are the codes of conduct for people protecting our President and other officials?

Here in America, decorated Iraq and Afghanistan war General David Petraeus, lost almost everything for supposedly exposing classified secrets to his girlfriend. From Biblical times, women have been the weakest links between men and have brought down kings, nations and empires. Samson and Delilah is a clear example. And lucky Charles Taylor is locked up never to be seen. The EPS guards who frequent night clubs drinking and looking for women just expose the weakest links to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Weed them out now, immediately.

I am sure our President and those charged with our national security are following developments in war ravaged countries in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Women have been recruited in the havoc they are wrecking in those countries. It is suffice to say that EPS officers can be “bought” with women and money and booze to give up their guns, badges, uniform to potential enemies and even Presidential schedules.

All the enemies have to do is use the women as baits, lure the last full officers into secret locations, get them drunk, give them plenty sex. Sounds bizarre? Those were some of the tricks used during our civil war.

And what is this thing that some newspapers are reporting that Armed Forces of Liberia soldiers, Liberia National Police officers and Bureau of Immigration officers, our first line of defense, have not been paid for three months and July 26th is around the corner? We are told to keep the soldiers happy, don’t play with his pay, his food and sleeping place and his woman. Need mor?

But let me not scare you because you know your security people more than concerned Liberian 5,000 miles away from home. Just a thought and not a sermon. Remember, UN troops are leaving, don’t let down your guard down as the expression goes. Da me again I can bite and can cry too.

Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator,
Washington, DC, USA