Open Letter To Justice Minister Frederick Cherue


Mr. Minister,

If you have read any of ours-whether facts, or opinions, you will agree that we rather climb the pepper tree than move around it.

Hence, we go straight to the point in this case, where besides exhibits (actual evidence, documentary evidence, and demonstrative evidence) published by FPA, revealing direct and circumstantial evidences established in the email exchanges between FPA Editor Rodney Sieh and Sebastian Muah, the Managing Director of the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation have clearly linked the latter Sebastian Muah to his alleged investment in a multimillion dollar casino in Bangui.

Why would Mr. Muah or anyone in his or her right mind offer public relations contract to a newspaper while the very newspaper is bombarding the very person amid his or her denials? Think hard, Cllr. Cherue!

Mr. Justice Minister, upon your designation as Minister of Justice, you made the following vow: that “power is nothing without control, and that  as Justice Minister you will not only “work in the interest of the Liberian people, but that your “tenure at the Ministry will be very consultative in order to ensure “that the right things are done.” 

So, we ask you here, Mr. Minister, is it how a Justice Minister works in the interest of the nation, and “ensure that the right things are done”, by:

(1) You Mr. Minister of Justice disregarding the evidences linking Mr. Muah to the multimillion dollar casino investment in Bangui, and

(2) Employing techniques to divert the attention from the culprit (Sebastian Muah), at least as far as the exhibits produced are concerned, that is:

(3) by you  deliberately changing the subject (a public official´s alleged investment in a multimillion dollar casino in Bangui)  to:

(4) evade a direct enquiry and thus providing misleading answers to questions which interest the Liberian people – whether it is true the former Deputy Minister of Finance and now LIBTELCO´s MD has investment in a multimillion dollar casino in Bangui? 

That is, the facts speak for themselves (res ipsa loquitor)!

There is nowhere in the communications between Mr. Muah and Mr. Sieh, or Mr. Muah and FPA Business Manager, linking Editor, his Business Manager, or FPA to the commission of “extortion”!

As a matter of fact it is Mr. Muah the former deputy minister of finance and now LIBTELCO MD who can be said to attempted “extortion” or even bribery by and through his Mr. Muah´s made a couple of overtures to suggest to FrontPageAfrica a media arrangement in which the paper would carry public relations articles about LIBTELCO under a contractual arrangement even while the very FPA was bombarding Mr. Muah with indictments viz his (Muah’s) investment in a multimillion dollar casino in Bangui!!! What a telling scenario!

 Hence, Frederick, in view of that which we have articulated supra, Cllr. Cherue, we like to reverberate here as others in this matter that the Liberian people may be poor and powerless now, but we are not stupid!

And that your RED HERRING obviously intended to change the subject matter and divert the attention from the culprit – Sebastian Muah – former Deputy Minister of Finance, and now LIBTELCO MD are extremely mis-representative and indeed contradictory of your promise infra which you made to the PRESS, the Liberian people, the President, and by all implications to God when you were appointed as Minister of Justice!

Here below we paste your promise to the PRESS, the Liberian people, the President, and by all implications to God:

Happy New Year!

Dortu-Siboe Doe, Contribiting Writer