Liberians Must Work Toward Promoting Appreciation, Not Depreciation


The Editor,

The good thing to do when someone helps you to help yourself is to show appreciation to the someone who is helpful to you. A simple thank you is a good way to show appreciation. However, if it were to happen that you would become someone in the position to help the person who helps you to rise up, then you should show appreciation by helping him or her to rise up as well. 

Some persons show appreciation to a helpful person by giving the person money and/or placing the person in a public position. To merit being placed in a public position, one has to have a public record of working in the interest of the vast majority of the people who make up the public. When a person merits a public position, he or she shows commitment, willingness, preparedness to work in the interest of the people who make up the public. 

Whenever the people who make up the public experience suffering, poverty, this is due mainly to being placed in State power to bring depreciation, the lowering of he value of the person’s performance rather than appreciation, the increasing of the value of the person’s performance. These wrongly placed persons bring depreciation to the public space because they do not have the commitment to help the people who make up the public. The results of the December 8, 2020 election were against the depreciation caused by the ruling political party rather than the appreciation of the non-ruling political parties.  Liberia continues to go through the violence-oriented experience of depreciation rather the peace-oriented experience of appreciation. 

The poverty generating system of production of raw materials for export continues with no value addition, first of the human resources and then of the natural and other resources. The wrongly placed State decision-makers support the poverty generating system because they and their foreign shareholders benefit from the system. The persons who were elected to represent the people have access to USD1000 a day while the people who elected them have access to less than USD2 a day. As for the foreigners in the commercial sector alone, they account for at least USD50 million a monthly doing work and owning businesses i violation of the Constitution of Liberia. 

To show appreciation to someone who helps you is to help the person to help himself or herself with work or a business that he or she merits. Depreciation comes when you give someone who helps you an engineer’s job when the person is a carpenter, when you give someone who helps you a medical doctor’s job when he or she is a doctor of law, when you give someone who helps you a road construction contract when the person is an canoe paddler, and when you give someone who helps you a Minister’s job when he or she is a rogue, having been found guilty in a fair trial through a legitimate Court.

The correct way to show appreciation someone who helps you but does not merit what you want to give him or her is to arrange education and training for the person so that the person can learn correctly what is given him or her. To do otherwise would be wrong and would end up in the depreciation of the person who helps you, by lowering his or her value and doing damage to society, which would end up bringing violence-oriented frustration and suffering, that would be used as the pretext for intensified violence. even civil war.

Let us work together to promote appreciation and not depreciation by sharing the knowledge that we have to encourage people to take non-violent actions to get good leadership that can bring Appreciation rather than Depreciation to make Liberia Better for All.

Togba-Nah Tipoteh,
 [email protected]