Don’t Have Children If You Can’t Feed Yourself!


The Editor,

Why are these women having children when they can’t feed themselves? (Re “Pregnant Women Challenges: Hunger At Maternal Waiting Homes in Liberia”)

But common sense tells me that someone like Baby Tokpa (pregnant woman featured in your story) should not be having children if she cannot feed herself. 

So does she lack common sense or lack self-control? Sounds like she lacks both common sense and self-control.

But you don’t have to be a book-man or a book-woman to know that the prospect of children born in poverty is dim: Just look around you!

There is incontrovertible evidence out there that children born in poverty are likely to not be in school or drop out school, they are likely to be raised without a father, they will commit crimes and they are more likely to perpetuate this life style into another generation.

Instead of complaining about hunger, Baby Tokpa should consider putting her child up for adoption, and tying her tubes!

Martin Scott, Atlanta, Georgia
[email protected]