Liberia: The Birth Star Disappointed Expectations And Forsake Liberation


Centuries back, the was a plan of repatriation and this was spearheaded by the American Colonization Society (ACS) due to the fact that Africans was getting rebellious, this arose fear in the slaves masters and cause the invention of the repatriation scheme. According to history, individual was sent to find a place for the freed slaves. The searched of a place give birth to a nation. The land inhabited by the freed slaves was being impinge upon by neighboring Countries subjected to imperial ruled. Due to the fact that Liberia wasn’t an independent state, there were violations of the commonwealth rules, this led to the declaration of independent and the up righting of the Liberia flag on August 24, 1847, with the Lonestar evidencing Liberia as the first republic in Africa. The Lonestar symbolizes the intrepidity of a nation with no sophisticate Army, trailblazing the struggle of independence fearlessly. The valor of the star set the path of independence that nations on the west enjoy today. It attracted investors and investments to this nation. The Lonestar is a star of Liberty, an emblem of peace, justice and unity. Unfortunately, these attributes of the star was tamper with during the fourteen years of civil crises in which there was gruesome murdered and bloodshed of innocent people. The terrible scene of war that was portrayed to the international communities and the killing of a leader in such humiliating and excruciating manner that is eyesore to vision, backpedal the Country development, dimmed the Lonestar illumination, and blemished its value to the outside world.

With all those tragic things that happened, a child destined to be a star was birth on the soil of the Lonestar, in the glorious land of Liberty. As the saying goes: A gold has to pass through the fire before its beauty can be seen, this child when through countless circumstances before reaching the outside world as a Star. The star in President Weah puff up after many years of suffering in the slum of gibratar. He reach his destiny with the help of the destiny helper. Being an outstanding and illustrious soccer star, he won the admiration of many people, most especially Liberians home and in the diaspora. He helped in the recognition of Liberia to the outside world: taking the name Liberia to many Countries. He won many footballing awards, like the world best, European best and African best.

After a successful soccer career he venture into politics as crusader for peace and good governance, with his party having the manifesto that espouses the emancipation of the poor; Pro Poor: taking the poor from the dungeon of abject poverty to prosperity. For 12 unbroken years his party fought and advocated for good governance, given the hope that the country will liberated and poverty will persist no more as it was during the past regime. Unfortunately, Liberia aren’t just suffering poverty but tyranny. The constant and numerous attacks on journalists and peaceful protesters are evidence.

His blessings has empowered many young people to top government positions because they struggled with him. He believed in their knowledge ability and didn’t sought for experts from abroad. He believed that they understood he plights of the masses. Frustratingly, those people are looters and laws breakers who needed power to amplify their proud and desires for wealth they concealed for 12 unbroken years. They are indigenous vampires leaching on state powers for survival. They aren’t living the liberation massage the preached during their years of advocacies. They have diverted from the masses cause and turn to corruption the easiest way of survival as they claim. With this, the government and President are after lobbyists to help redeem the Country’s image and refain the trust of the international communities.

The government promised to go after war criminals by establishing the war and economic crimes Courts, hitherto, there is no sign of such Courts being establish. After the 2017 election, citizens and partisans jubilated with the hope that corruption the public enemy would receive total eradication and the country will have the long struggle for liberation. Unfortunately corruption are conspicuous to all and on a very high level. Citizens expected salaries increment, surprisingly, salaries was drastically reduced through the devilish strategy of harmonization.

There are high wave of insecurities and hardship in the country. The monies citizens make are likely to be taken by disadvantage youths who harass people when returning from work. Hospitals lacks basic drugs and medical equipment useful for saving lives. Citizens are dying because of no medication, a situation that needs government intervention. The recent news of increase ritualistic killings and the disappearances of citizens that engulfed the nation are troubling, and need to be curtail. The government took off to protect all citizens and not just few.

The Child has disappointed expectations, the government has slipped and succumbed to corruption. The appetite for wealth is too high, the enrichment aren’t honestly but dubiously. Mr. President as the expert would say, your government needs to recalibrate, revamp and strategize to archive economic growth and development.

The blessings of the Lord made you, don’t allow those who flank you to destroy you.