Liberia Amputee Footballer Secures Professional Contract in Turkey


Turkey – In 2012, Darlington Vangalove Sebeh, a then value-boy (business guy) was on his way to Senegal to buy goods when he got into a tragic motor accident in Guinea that led to one of his Leg being amputated. 

Sebeh did not see his adversary as a blockage from aspiring for greatness. With his one leg, he joined the Liberia National Amputee Football team in 2013 and after almost a decade playing amputee football for the red, white and blue, he has signed his first international contract with Bagcilar Amputee Club, Premier Division in Turkey.

“Prior to my condition I was playing for George and Logan High School on scholarship and after high school in 2008, I started doing value business on Randall Street,” Sebeh told FrontPage Africa from Turkey via messenger. 

He added: “Four years later due to improvement in my business, I decided to go to Senegal for more goods and on my way back to Liberia unfortunately I had a tragic motor accident that led to my condition in 2012, April 22 to be precise.”

Sebeh secured a year contract from the Turkish club following his spectacular performance with the Liberia National Amputee Football team at the just-ended 2022 Amputee World CUP that was held in Turkey.

It is a one-year contract with Bagcilar Amputee Club of premier Division in Turkey. However, Sebeh said he feels excited that after several years of playing locally he has finally landed oversea to play professional amputee football, something he longed for.

Sebeh plays the midfield role on the Liberia National Amputee football team and the Lasa Amputee Club, a local club in Liberia before moving over to play in Turkey. He has since begun training section with his new team in Turkey.

“It’s going to impart my life positively and also serve as motivation for others amputee players that are coming up,” he urged. 

Sebeh scored one goal and provided four assists in the just-ended 2022 Amputee World CUP that was held in Turkey.

Liberia Nation Amputee Team after losing twice in the group stage defeated France 1-0 in the Amputee World Cup to claim the best loser 17th spot position.

Winning the last group stage match still was not enough for them to qualify for the next stage.