US-based Humanitarian Dedicates New Police Station in Samukai Town to Combat Crimes

Dr. Thomas Nimene Tweh was honored by the Inspector General of LNP Col. Patrick Sudue as Ambassador

Monrovia – As part of efforts to reduce the crimes rate in Liberia, a Liberian based in the United States of America Dr. Thomas Nimene Tweh, Jr. has turned over a newly constructed police station under Zone 7 in Upper Caldwell, Samukai Town to the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Dr. Tweh, commonly known as the Original Countryman, presented the facility to LNP detachment in Upper Caldwell in the presence of the Inspector General of Police, Patrick T. Sudue on Friday, July 16, 2021.

The initiative, named the Samukai Town Police project, is worth US$25,341 and was single-handedly built by Dr. Tweh who is also a resident of the Samukai Town Community.

Speaking at the turning over ceremony, Dr. Tweh said he was moved by God to bless the people of his community by constructing a new police station that will enable officers of the LNP to adequately fight crimes.

He told the gathering that his gesture is not intended for any political reason adding that it is his way of buttressing the government’s efforts.

“I am not doing this because I want public sentiment or to be well-known but doing it because the old building was not conducive for our police officers,” he said.

Also speaking, the Police IG Sudue, who cut the ribbon, praised Dr. Tweh for such a worthy initiative, something he says will help the government fight crimes in the country, especially in the Samukai Town Community in Caldwell.

The Police IG said the construction of the facility is an example of good cooperation between Dr. Tweh and the officers of the Liberia National Police. 

Sudue said, “This young man came from America not to come home to criticize, he came home to help develop his country and because of what he did here to today he is among few Liberians who want to give back to their country. So I say, Dr. Tweh thank you so much.” 

The Police IG further called on Liberians in the diaspora to emulate a good example of Dr. Tweh. Director Sudue also honored Dr. Tweh as an ambassador of the police.

Col. Sudue added: “Dr. Tweh is not only the “Original Countryman” but he is the original partner to the LNP, government and a patriotic citizen of Samukai Town.”

Adding up, the Commissioner of Caldwell, Francis E. Woods expressed gratitude to Dr. Tweh for the milestone project within his community.

According to Woods, development is a milestone for the township of Caldwell. He added that to see someone from his community who has traveled to the US and come back to construct such a building for the government and citizens is strange and worth commending.

 “We would like to say thank you. We are of the strongest conviction that God in his Might will continue to guide you and provide resources that will be used to add value to the existence of mankind,” Commissioner Woods added.