Solicitor Designate Vows to Fight Drug Importation & Abuse in Liberia


Monrovia – Mr. Syrennius Cephus, Solicitor General-designate has promised to declare war on individuals importing narcotics by ensuring that they are prosecuted in keeping with the laws of Liberia.

Mr. Cephus said young people who are the major users of narcotics are victims and it is imperative that drug importers are brought to justice and prosecuted. This he believes will serve as deterrent. 

A survey conducted by a US organization “US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health” shows that Substance use is a significant and common problem among school-aged youths throughout Africa. Like other countries on this continent, the West-African nation of Liberia is recovering from civil war. A well-educated population of young people is critical to the recovery efforts and long-term success of Liberia. 

Substance use by school-aged youths has important public health consequences that could undermine Liberia’s post-conflict recovery efforts. 

A qualitative research design by the group was used to collect data from 72 students attending public school in Monrovia, Liberia. Nine focus groups of 6–8 students from three public schools were facilitated using a semi-structured format to guide discussions on substance use. Student narratives were translated and re-occurring themes and subthemes were coded and analyzed.

 Cephus believes that to deal with all the cases involving drugs, and corruption there is a need to strengthen the justice system.  

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Bottom of FormHe also promised that there will be no unnecessary   arrest, stating “no one will be in jail without a cause”. 

According to Cephus, he would work to ensure that citizens stop insulting officials of government, this he said is due to high level of ignorance amongst citizens.

“The Constitution guarantee of freedom of speech is not free; there is a degree of ignorance in our country today and we will not allow this to continue based on your approval, we have to rescue our country from this level of insanity,” he said.