Sen. Francis Paye Wants Crusaders for Peace in National Budget


Monrovia – Senator Francis Paye of Rivercess County has written the plenary of the Senate to include into the national budget the Liberia Crusader for Peace, headed by Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee.

Report by Henry Karmo, [email protected]

The Rivercess County Senator wants the process to take effect for the fiscal year 2019/2020. His request comes at a time when the economy under President George Manneh Weah is spiraling out of control as the country’s currency drops drastically in value against its US dollar counterpart.  

If accepted by the Senate, it is going to add additional strain on the national “cake” and create a new challenge for the CDC government, which is looking for every penny to meet its demands.

 “With profound compliments, I wish to passionately plead with this august body for the inclusion into the fiscal year 2019/2020 National Budget ‘the Liberia Crusaders for Peace’ to enhance its financial capacity in the performance of its work.”

Further in Senator Paye’s plead letter, he said his request is because the Crusaders for Peace has been engaged in the promotion of Liberian culture both locally and internationally. He believes the initiative by the Liberia Crusader for Peace’s initiative of promoting peace deserves complement by government on the basis of Article 9 of the Liberian Constitution.

He furthered argued that since the establishment of the organization in 1994 and its subsequent registration in 2001 under the laws of Liberia, it has continuously strived to promote the Liberian culture. “As part of our responsibility as national leaders, we must encourage the Liberalization policy.

“We see it necessary or a worthy cause the Liberian Legislature to allocate in the National Budget an amount not less than US$10,000 for the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, which could remedy some financial constraints of the organization.

He told his colleagues in the Senate that their timely and possible consideration in this direction will go a long way in the promotion of the Liberian culture.

Senator Paye told legislative reporters that he had made the request without him being asked by the Crusaders for Peace to do so but believe it is in the best interest for the promotion of peace through cultural activities.

Paye’s communication was sent to the Committee on Ways, Means and Finance for advice to plenary on what decision to be taken.