Liberia: People with Disabilities Crave for Empowerment As Sam-Enable Foundation Gives Out Festive Gifts


Monrovia – Some people with special needs or Disadvantaged, have stressed the need of getting empowerment skills as a mean of giving long term livelihood, instead of just getting handouts as goodwill gesture, occasionally.

Their statement was made in separate remarks during the weekend, as they received Christmas package from the Sam-Enable Foundation.

According to them, empowerment through business and skill empowerment that suit them will create a lasting solution to their needs, then always awaiting people before getting daily bread.

Their request was embraced by the organization, through its Program and Financial Consultant, Tobee Wreh Sudieh, disclosing plans by Sam-Enable to engage in skill training program for People with Special Needs.

Speaking during the distribution of assorted food items, to include several bags of rice and Argo oil at the YMCA Gymnasiums in Monrovia, Mr. Wreh said it was the ardent hope of the Vision Bearer of organization Samrica Zogar to see People with Special Needs become self efficient and contribute to economic growth.

“Sam Enable Foundation is a non-profit institution established in the memory of Mr. Sam Zogar, late father of the vision bearer Samrica Zogar, and dedicated to the service of helping people with special needs take charge of their livelihoods by becoming self-sufficient and productive people in their local communities and larger societies, mainly in Africa and other developing Countries in the World,” Sudieh said.

He termed the festive distribution of assorted food items as a pilot project of a lasting initiative aimed at bringing hope and love to People with special needs.

Sudieh said the vision bearer knows how it is being person with special need, since she also has similar experience.

“The idea of establishing this Foundation was birthed out of the unconditional love shown to Samrica by her dad, Mr. Sam Zogar, who wholeheartedly accepted her as a physically challenged person at the time of her birth and provided her every need and love,” Sudieh noted.

“Unfortunately, she did not get to see him while growing up as death snatched him away from her in her early childhood.”

As vision bearer of the organization, Sudieh added that Samrica Zogar, also Executive Director of Sam Enabled Foundation, is now transforming her father’s love to a daughter into a Foundation’s eternal care for a community of people with special needs, by providing them with livelihood knowledge and skills as well as other forms of technical support for self-sufficiency and productivity.

He said: “All these aim to making people with special needs live lives of their own through academic empowerment, equal opportunities for jobs, and engaging into businesses instead of living on handouts given them in streets or at special needs homes.”

Meanwhile, Sudieh noted that the organization intends to rekindle the hope and joy of People with special needs, to share with them and to enable the Foundation create and share bonding with People with special needs