Nimba Senator accused of Threatening Ex-police Officer

Mark Kardamie said Koung has been indebted to him for since 2015 now and has refused to pay despite numerous pleas.

MONROVIA — The political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR), Nimba County Senator, Jeremiah Koung, has been accused of allegedly threatening an ex-police officer over a US$6,000 debt that he (Koung) has reportedly refused to settle.

Mark Kardamie said Koung has been indebted to him for since 2015 now and has refused to pay despite numerous pleas.

But Koung has since refuted these claims, adding that he does not owe his kinsman, nor has he ever threatened his life.

The ex-LNP officer made the disclosure when he appeared on the January 30, 2023 edition of the HOTT FM 107.9 Morning Show.

“Senator Koung is indebted to me and does not want to pay but he is rather using his power and influence in the society to threaten me and mischaracterize me,” Kardamie said.

According to the ex-officer, the Nimba Senator incurred the debt as a result of a property Koung rented from him for two years.

Kardamie said they both entered into an agreement for the use of his (Kardamie) apartment as a staff quarters for doctors and nurses that were recruited to work at the Jerrilyne Medical Foundation, a private hospital constructed by the senator. The facility has since been turned over to the government to operate.

“So an agreement was reached for an annual payment of US$3,600, and he took the place for two years, totalling US$7,200,” he said. “He was responsible for $10.00 per day for petroleum to provide electricity for the facility,” he added.

Out of that amount, Kardamie disclosed that Koung was only able to pay US$1,000, and that was as a result of the intervention of some eminent citizens of the county.

“He has since refused to pay my balance money,” he said. “When I asked him on one occasion, the senator looked me in the face and told me that he will punish me for my own money.”
His insistence for the payment of his money in 2017 was seen as a political embarrassment to Koung who was seeking reelection at the time.

This, Kardamie noted, led to the then representative allegedly threatening his life. This, he said, led to him fleeing the country for fear for his life. “Koung threatened to send his boys to me, and that was a huge threat considering his influence in Nimba. I had to flee the country,” he said.

He further explained that it has been several years since the transaction was done, with the Koung intentionally refusing to pay his money, but rather using his influence and power to go after him.

Responding to the allegation via mobile phone, Koung admitted to knowing Kardamie but denied going into any transaction with him.

Koung said he had no arrangement with Kardamie, but it was rather the hospital’s administration, and as such, he should be dealing with those in charge of the facility.

“The fact is that I don’t owe Mark anything, and I do not owe him today or tomorrow,” he said.

The senator noted that while it is true that he was the owner of the facility, he did not have any personal arrangement with Kardamie so the complainant cannot claim that he (Koung) is indebted to him (Kardamie).

“Though I was not part of that arrangement, my understanding is that the money being mentioned is not the actual amount the facility owes,” he said. “As far as I’m aware, the amount owed to Kardamie was US$3,600.00, of which US$1,000.00 was paid, and the balance of US$2,600.00 and that should be settled by the hospital’s administration.

“I don’t know if, because I am in politics, he thinks he will call my name on the radio and make me give him money that I don’t owe him. He can even go on the BBC, CNN, and other media outlets. “I owe him nothing; the people who owe him money, let him go to them, and I believe they are willing to pay him,” he said.