Montserrado County District #12 Representative Jerry K. Yogbor Constructs Bridge that Connects Maryland Center and Bassa Town Community in Gardnerville


Monrovia – Smiles could not cease from the faces of the residents of Maryland Center and Bassa Town Community in Gardnerville as the only bridge that links the two communities was turned over to them after months of construction works by Montserrado County District #12 Aspirant Jerry K. Yogbor.

According to the lead contractor of the bridge Emmanuel Worijloh, the cost of the bridge is US$12,000.

Some residents of the two communities at the official dedication ceremony told FrontPage Africa that prior to the construction of the bridge, it was unbearable for anyone to cross, especially during the rainy season.

According to them, during the past time, they placed some sticks to cross on the other side of the bridge. Several school going children, many at times, felt off the sticks and dropped in the water while on their way to school, Ma Mary Williams, a resident of Maryland Center told FPA.

J. Augustine Felekpolo is the Chairman of the Maryland Center area in Gardnerville. He praised the Mr. Yorbor for the construction of the bridge; something he says had been downplayed by the current Representative George Beyan Samah.

“I have never seen any politician like this who loves to see things done the right way for the betterment of his people. The bridge will serve you for years,” the Chairman of the Maryland Center said.

According to him, unlike trucks, other vehicles will be allowed to use the bridge. For him, the trucks will cut short the lifespan of the bridge.

Maryland Center Chairman said: “Words are inadequate to express your kindness. The process started at a slow pace and I got discouraged because the rain used to beat the equipment. But he told me that I should take his words and today he is giving us a new bridge.”

“Even if I’m not chairman, I will rally around my people to support your political agenda. The people of Maryland Center say thank you yaa,” Maryland Center Chairman said.

Tamba Ndaman is the Chairman of the Bassa Town Community. “Today, Bassa Town and Maryland Center are one by the joining of this bridge,” Mr. Ndaman said.

Ezetta weah is another resident of Maryland Center Community. She praised the Montserrado County District 12 Aspirant coming to their rescue.

She explains her ordeal: “Every time I take my children to school. I used to put my children on my back to cross them and take them to school. I’m so grateful to see that there is a bridge here today. We the Women will make sure you (Mr. Yorbog) are elected in 2023.”

For his part, Montserrado County District 12 Aspirant told the gathering that he is not a rich guy as people would think.

According to Mr. Yorbog, after one of his visits to the Maryland Center community, he noticed that there was a problem getting to the other side and was asked by the residents to intervene and help construct their only bridge that links the two communities.

“I’m a hustler, not a rich man. I went back home and told my wife that we have committed ourselves to build a bridge. And we put it in pray because my whole life is centered on praying,” Mr. Yorbog said.

He continues: “We grew in this community and it is good that we come back to help this community. That is why we are here to dedicate this bridge today. As long as I am still alive, we will provide maintenance for this bridge.