Ministry of Internal Affairs Engages Polish Company to Help Solve Liberia’s Waste Management issues


MONROVIA- Ministry of Internal Affairs has concluded a fruitful discussion with a Polish company, Intereko Energia with the purpose of helping Liberia mitigate the spread of garbage and finding solutions for the management of waste in Liberia.

The Intereko Energia is a company from Poland founded in 2013 with many years of experience in the waste management industry with a guarantee of reliability and timely execution of tasks.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf, said the group was contacted by the Ministry to come to Liberia and be a help to Liberia’s development.

“The internal affairs has invited the company in the country from Poland to come to Liberia to help aid the government of Liberia in its quest to remedy waste management and improve agricultural activities,” he said.

According to him, through the intervention of the Internal Affairs, the company has met associated agencies of government and ministries that are responsible for waste management and the outcome is welcoming.

 “We have contacted the Monrovia City Cooperation (MCC) and the Paynesville City Cooperation (PCC) to aid the both cities in the management of waste in the two cities,” he said.

The guest were honored with traditional Liberia attires as the Ministry’s way of officially welcoming them to Liberia. The meeting was attended by top officials of the Ministry including Deputy Minister Matenokay Tingba. Minister Sireaf lauded his Deputy for the active role in ensuring relevant that relevant agencies were brought on board to collaborate with the MIA and the foreign partners to help solve one of Liberia’s nightmare – waste disposal.

The group head Jarostaw Grobelny, said their company, Intereko Energia has been solving problems related to waste since 2013 and their individual approach to their clients allows them to create an offer perfectly suited for Liberia.

“Our many years of experience and gained knowledge has allowed us come to Liberia for comprehensive and innovative management of waste and a perfect waste management. We guarantee full transparency, which means that you know exactly what is happening with your waste from the moment it is handed over to us to manage,” she said.