Library for Africa Provides Hot Meal to Disadvantaged Liberians Amid COVID-19


Monrovia  – As part of efforts to support the fight against the novel Coronavirus, the Library for Africa – a non-governmental organization – is providing hot meals to disadvantaged youths and elders in some parts of Montserrado County.

The organization was founded by a renowned educator Madam Veleta Jenkins, a former school teacher now based in the United States of America.

The renowned educator had previously planned to build a public library in Bentol, Montserrado County this year but such a plan was put on hold and has been shifted to supporting the fight against the pandemic that has ravaged the world.

Library for Africa has begun the distribution of hot meals to less fortunate in Montserrado County as part of efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“Due to the pandemic, our organization’s plan to build the library has been temporarily put on hold,” the statement from the Library for Africa reads.

“Understandably, the focus has been directed towards feeding less fortunate communities in Monteserrado County until the end of COVID-19.”

Since the outbreak, Library for Africa’s regional coordinators and volunteers that are living in Liberia have delivered 600 bags of rice and disinfectants to less fortunate households in Bentol and Paynesville cities.

The organization has now begun the distribution of cooked food to some disadvantaged youths and elders every weekday at different communities in Montserrado County.

Many disadvantaged youth and elders praised the organization for their effort in providing them food during the health crisis.

“We are grateful that we have not been forgotten, and that Library for Africa is the only organization that has offered food during these hard times,” James Kerkula of Barnesville said.

During the food distribution, Library for Africa also carried out sanitization messages about the prevention of COVID-19 to residents.