Liberians In Germany Cautioned To Uphold Respect and Dignity For Country


GERMANY – Liberians living in Germany have been urged to uphold unity as they fight to continue to flag the country’s image with respect and dignity in the diaspora.

After the official announcement of the election results by the chairman of independent election committee Mr. Blessing R. Rogers the newly elected leadership of the Liberians Association in Germany President-elect Kalifa Mohammed Sanoh noted that accomplishing their goals can only be achieved, through teamwork that will include every Liberian living in that part of the globe.

He emphasized the need for Liberia citizens in Germany to maintain a peaceful environment that would promote common interests.   

“Throughout the struggles, ups, and downs, the fight that exists within every group and we have worked together to keep the peace and together we must always rise the Liberian National Flag high through all of the thick and thin pieces that might come along with upholding our Motherland with Respect and Dignity,” Sanoh averred.

“Over the Years of working and sincerely being with every community have proven that the same commitment that has brought us the victory we sought will take us to a United and Peaceful Leadership.”

Sanoh described the huge turn-up as an occasion that will continue to path the way for continuous progress and a medium for Liberians living in Germany to be guarded towards positive ventures.

He sees love for one another, as a hallmark that should be upheld by his compatriot in the diaspora.

According to him, it was a result of continued love existing among them that led to a peaceful election of new leadership, urging them to maintain the same.

Sanoh further expressed his commitment to work in the interest of Liberians living in Germany and to ensure that respect and love for Liberia are always maintained.

He’s also calling other Liberians who are not member to come over.

He promised to work closely with the Liberian embassy in Berlin, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium to tackle issues affecting the Liberian community.

He said: “This day has only come through because of our collective commitment.”

 “It is that same commitment that made me contest the presidency unchallenged from anyone because I have worked tirelessly as general secretary of the Association with the support and commitment from the Liberian community in Germany.”

The Liberian Association in Germany President-elect and CEO of Wawa & Son used car/truck business also asserted that he was delighted over the formation of an organization that continues to hold Liberians in the union.

He wants citizens in Germany to continue showcasing love for one another.

‘Today you have showcased that patriotic love for our dear mama Liberia by and through your presence here today,” Sanoh let out.

Other elected officials in the office of the Liberians Association in Germany Leadership are,

Teneze Nyemada  Davis, Vice President,

Secretary-General, Steven Mouday Karly,

Financial Secretary, and Ahmed Konneh, Treasurer Ormarlu M. Kromah.

The Liberians Association in Germany was established in 2015, with just five members, but now has a current membership of approximately 500 through the hard work of the founding father Alex Francis Belleh, and Ms. Janet Johnson the current Acting President of the Liberian Association in Germany.

The election of the organization’s new leadership came to fruition after several failed attempts to conduct peaceful elections.