Liberia: Women of One Word Enlightens Over 100 Kids in Duport Road Community on the Effect of Rape

The children from age five to 18 were enlightened on the danger of rape and how to report individuals that will try to temper with them

Paynesville – As part of efforts to reduce rape cases in the country especially among kids, the Women of One Word (WOW), an organization seeking gender equity, has held its third anti-rape awareness campaign with over 100 kids in the Duport Road Community.

The children from age five to 18 were enlightened on the danger of rape and how to report individuals that will try to tamper with the children.

At the start of the event, the group was able to make the children sing a rape slogan: “I’m your child, I’m a girl child please allow me to grow. I’m not your wife please allow me to grow”

Emily Jenemanapa is one of the facilitators. She told the kids that rape can hinder all of the big dreams they have of becoming someone great in Society.

“We here to save your future, when you start to do man and woman business at such a young age, your future will spoil because you are too young for that, people who can rape can be your uncle, nephew and even your stepfather. When you see someone trying it (rape) on you, you should tell your mother and your father. Boy and girls don’t allow anybody tell you that they want to do something with you,” she told the children.

Jenemanapa added: “Don’t be a shame when somebody holds your breast or your button don’t say please leave me, carry that person compliant to your mother or if you get strength put dirty slap in that person hear. You need to grow to become a man or a woman before you do man and woman business, rape can kill you.”

Madam Jenemanpa told FrontPageAfrica that awareness among children is to fill in the gap for the parents who are most of the time busy with other works.

“We are only here to tell them what rape is. Their mother and their father don’t want to tell them what rape is but we are able to tell them that rape is violence and that is sexual violence,” she said.

Madam Jenemanpa also called on parents to not allow anyone to play with your baby, something she said can reduce the cases of rape.

Also, speaking, a senior advisor of the group Justice Cole told the children about the effect of being raped.

“You can save yourself by saying no to rape. When they rape you, you can also get unwanted pregnancy and you are small when you go born the child and you will die. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are my wife, say no I’m your child,” Mr. Cole said.