Liberia: US$1M Proposed For Entertainment


The Love Weah Movies Production has completed its internationally accepted series with a call on the Government of Liberia (GOL), through the National Legislature to allocate the amount of US1M to the entertainment industry, particularly film making, and ensure the establishment of a film academy in the country as part of efforts to guarantee job creation and revenue generation for the government.

The production industry is owned by renowned international based Liberian actress Love Weah Gray.

The series named “Boss Chicks” was teased at a news conference held in Monrovia on Tuesday, October 4, prior to its official premier view on December 25.

It was produced and directed by Love Weah and Tarr “Jay U Boye“ Woryonwon, cinematographed by Gardea Menyor.

Speaking during the event, the group’s Producer and Director Tarr D. Woryonwon disclosed that the series features three beautiful Liberian women whose desperation for money and luxuries drove them to faking life and deceiving their victims into falling in love with them and milking their every cent.

He disclosed that drama and betrayal then follow and lead to disaster, crippling their relationship.

“These women were played by Love Weah, Natasha Smith and Rica.  Our series Boss Chicks was not only shot to entertain you but to get rid of the narrative that Liberian film does not have a future.”

Woryonwon emphasized that the film was produced to also help erase the negative perception that Liberian movies do not have a place in the rebuilding process of the nation.

He stressed that if the country’s film industry is to boost the economy adequate opportunities and attention should be provided by not only the government, but other well-meaning organizations and philanthropists in the country.

He said the film industry of any nation helps to improve the economy, and as such, Liberia is no exception.

Woryonwon added that more jobs will be created if investment is done in the entertainment industry, especially film production in Liberia.

He said Liberia will be a center of attraction for tourists if the necessary supports are provided film companies operating in the country, through budgetary allotment.

He maintained that the showcasing of the country’s tourism sites and culture would compel foreign investors and tourists to come into Liberia to heavily invest and create job opportunities for the citizens.

“Our series Boss Chicks though entertaining but it also focuses on tourism attractions. Attractions that even some Liberians home and abroad never knew existed. The Boss Chicks series shines a light on the significant role Liberian film can play in revitalizing tourist destinations in Liberia.”

Speaking further, Woryonwon emphasized that the series should serve as a wakeup call to Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism to introduce what he called “Film tourism” that will help boost the Tourism sector in Liberia.

“The Boss Chicks series is a wakeup call to the Liberian legislators to allocating at least a million USD in every budget year for Liberian film makers. The Boss Chicks series is a wakeup call to the entire government of Liberia to investing more in the film industry.”

Establish academy, build cinemas

Aged-old Liberia has been without a standardize theatre or film academy since the end of the 14-years civil war.

The situation has negatively contributed to the low standard of Liberian films on the world market.

In most countries, Liberian movies are not accepted due to its poor quality.

Woryonwon, however, underscored the need for the establishment of a film academy in Liberia.

This, he said, will help curtail or prevent the poor quality of films in Liberia and enable Liberian actors, actresses, film makers or producers to compete with their counterparts in and around the African continent.

He said cinema halls should also be constructed in every county to generate more revenue for the government, through the collection of taxes.

Give us loans

He stressed that the launch of the “Boss Chicks” series should also serve as a wakeup call to authorities of the banking sector to provide loans to filmmakers in the nation.

Woryonwon observed that for too long, filmmakers have not been able to access loans from various commercial banks operating in the country as compared to other local and foreign business owners.

He noted that the move is also strangulating them from exceling and as such, a level playing field must be created to ensure that they too have access to loans from the banks.

“Banks should believe in Liberian filmmakers by providing us loans for film production. Our series Boss Chicks is a wakeup call to potential investors that the Liberian film industry is a lucrative sector to invest in.”


Woryonwon, however, disclosed that the Boss Chicks series will not only be marketed on the local market, but it will also be sold oon other international platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime and DSTV, among others.

He said due to the number of episodes and quality of content these platforms require and the availability of budget, the Boss Chicks series consists of an episode which last for an hour.

“This series is extraordinary because, we decided to move forward to bring in professionals when it comes to film making. And so, it will not only be for the Liberian market. It is entertaining and educative. ”

“The rest of the episodes to complete a season will be shot in June 2023. The series is entertaining, and as well highlights the tourism sector. We will like to extend our thanks and appreciation to those resorts and hotels that allow us use their facilities to beautify our series that also has the potential to increase tourists Demand. The Libassa resorts, that every Nigerian and Ghanaian filmmaker who entered the studio in Ghana during editing admire and wish to visit; the John Gbezey beach resort, the Royal Hotel and The Boulevard Palace Hotel.”

“We appreciate you all for your hospitality in the Tourism industry. You will need to see the series on December 25th, Christmas Day at the ministerial complex. Tickets are now available on TipMe from $20, 50, 100 to 150. Before I take question I will like our partner TipMe representative to come tell you how you can purchase your tickets.”

Aurica Synder, one of the winners of the first Big Brabee Liberia reality TV show, and comedian Paul Flomo, are also featured in the series.