Liberia: Two Men Arrested Impersonating as Armed-carrying AFL Soldiers


KAKATA, Margibi – Police authority in Margibi County on Saturday arrested two men impersonating as arm-carrying officers of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

The suspects identified as Alvin Y. Leah and Mulbah Kinbah, residents of Cookspoon Community on the Pipeline Road in Paynesville, arrest was triggered when they were noticed in army uniforms roaming under suspicious circumstances in Kakata City, Margibi County. 

The men riding on two separate motorcycles en route from Voinjama, Lofa County reportedly made a brief stop in Kakata City to repair one of the motorbikes’ tyre when they were spotted by one Maj. John B. Kolako, Jr. of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

Accordingly, the suspect’s appearance led Maj. Kolako to question the accused who did not give satisfactory answers and were unable to produce their army’s identification cards as requested, thus creating more suspicions.

Upon a sustained interrogation, one of the accused men (Alvin Y. Leah) who had the firearm and ammunition in his possession confessed that he is an ex-serviceman of the Armed Forces of Liberia who has since been retired from the army due to poor health but was still in possession of his uniforms.

The suspects reportedly confessed to Maj. Kolako of not being army officers and impersonating as army officers. 

Their admission led to their subsequent arrest by officers assigned at the Margibi County Detachment of Liberia National Police in Kakata where they are further being probed.  

The men, speaking in an exclusive FrontPageAfrica interview, expressed regrets of their action of having a prohibited weapon and ammunition.

They asserted that the unlicensed handgun and ammunition are not being carried with a sinister motive, but instead to protect their family at night hours due to the high crime rates in their Cookspoon Community on the Pipeline Road in Paynesville, Montserrado County.