Liberia: Special Assistant to Finance Minister, Aloysius Howe, Attacked on UL Campus, Sustains Injuries


MONROVIA — Mr. Aloysius Howe, special assistant to Finance Minsiter Samuel Tweah was today attacked on the main campus of the University of Liberia by members of the Student Unification Party (SUP), leaving him with injuries that he is now nursing at the Fidelity Clinic.

His vehicle was also smashed.

It is not clear why Howe was attacked but the students accused him of being corrupt.

On Facebook, Howe stated that he believes he was attacked because of his proximity with government.

Mr. Joseph Blama, a lecturer at the University whom Howe had gone to see stated that while he and Howe were at the student center to find food, they noticed the students moving towards the student center thuggishly but least suspected that Howe was their target.

“While discussing and waiting for the orders, we saw students coming in group chanting battle cry. We didn’t suspect that they were up to something first. Within split seconds before we could realized, they started acting thuggish and barbaric. Pulled the chair from under Aloysious. Started hitting on him and calling him ‘rogue, rogue’ with chants,” he recounted.

According to Blama, a few other students tried to rescue Howe but his attackers outnumbered them.

“I advised him to leave hurriedly. They still followed him with the chanting. He got at his car pulled off but some still threw stones at his vehicle. Even learned he was attacked again besides the one I witnessed. This is appallingly disturbing,” Blama lamented.