Liberia: Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence Rallies Partisans’ Support; Raises L$11M for Party Restructuring


MONROVIA – Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence over the weekend launched a L$20 million rally in Grand Bassa County in a bid to strengthen the structure of the Liberty Party in the county.

“We know our party has been in crisis for some time and we’re here today to make a statement that despite these challenges, we are going into the 2023 Presidential and general elections stronger,” she said.

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence challenged partisans of the Liberty Party to take on ownership of the party by supporting it with their resources. She said, this would give them a sense of ownership rather than looking at it as property of certain individuals.

The rally raised L$11 million with support from partisans home and abroad including the Unity Party who through its standard bearer gave the LP L$2 million of the targeted twenty million Liberian dollars.

When Sen. Karnga-Lawrence launched the rally in Montserrado County in early August, the Chairman, Musa Bility, issued a statement distancing the Liberty Party from the rally.

He intimated that Sen. Karnga-Lawrence and others were suspended and subsequently expelled from their respective leadership positions in the party. He said they, therefore, do not have the authority to carry out such function in the name of the party.

Party crisis

There is a lot going amiss within the Liberty Party (LP), sadly, all these are going on at the highest level of leadership of the party, causing divisions and segregation and both sides at loggerheads throwing wild accusations at each other.

Some key figures within the party including the political leader, vice chairman for political affairs, legislative caucus members and other National Executive Committee members were dealt a great blow – slapped with suspension having failed to settle their financial obligations towards to the party.

Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, is said to be owing US$18,000 which represents dues owed from January-December 2021.

Senator Karnaga-Lawrence, though admits to owing dues, she contends that there is the need to give partisans a safe and structured means by which payments are made within the framework of an approved constitution.

She noted that “there are people in the party whose due cannot be measured in dollars and cents.”

Senator Kangar-Lawrence: “Talking about the Political Leader? The Financial burden we bear on a daily basis is immeasurable. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to help sustain our institution including a total of thirty thousand (30,000.00) to rent our former headquarters at Catholic Junction from 2018-2020.

“During LP Chairmanship of the CPP, I singlehandedly sponsored all activities including the turning over ceremony and other event on behalf of LP.  Not to mention funds spent to assist with LP activities including retreat and conventions. A little over a year ago, Liberty Party was blessed to receive into membership Honorable Barnes. Mr. Barnes, as you know, comes with so much value to Liberty Party. Is this an individual Mr. Bility will refer to as not being able to pay due, therefore proceeds to publish his name?” She added: When LP was in arrears at its former national headquarters, it took me, Senator Zargo, Senator Dillon, Mrs. Carmena Abdallah and other stakeholders, to save the party by collecting up to $40,000 United States Dollars to offset the arrears. At that time, Mr. Bility was nowhere around. Also, Grand Bassa made the highest deposit in our party account which was unilaterally changed by Wadei Powell.