Liberia: Senate Raises Concern over Legitimacy of Public Works Acting Minister; Withholds Operational Budget


MONROVIA – Members of the Senate have expressed concern over the prolonged delay by the President George Weah to appoint a new Minister of Public Works since the death of minister Mr. Mobutu Nyenpan who died more than a year ago after a brief illness.

Madam Ruth Coker-Collins has been acting in the position for more than 16 months and the Senate is now concerned about her legitimacy to preside over the finances and running of the Ministry.

The Senators including Edwin Snowe of Bomi County, Milton Teahjay of Sinoe County have all spoken about her long period of acting.

At Tuesday budget hearing, the Senate Committee on Ways, Means and Finance recommended that the operation budget of the Ministry be withheld in the absence of a minister proper.

“This is a minister that has acted for more than 16 months. In such a position people are sceptical about how they do business with her. We need the necessary representation to the President to either appoint her permanently or get a new minister to take the position,” Senator Snowe stated.

Like Senator Snowe, Senator Teahjay also want a new minister or the acting Minister status be legitimized to a minister proper role. His recommendation was given consideration by committee members who promised to forward the recommendation to the plenary of the Senate.

In support to the comments, Senator Johnathan Boycharles Sogbie wrote Plenary of the Senate raising concern about unfilled seats created in Government coupled with individuals acting in position perpetually without adherence to; as provided under certain provisions of the constitution of Republic of Liberia.

“In view thereof, I wish to implore the Liberian Senate to act swiftly in curtailing these matters earmarked,” he stated.