Liberia: Rivercess District 2 Aspirant Wants Article 30(b) of the 1986 Constitution Revised


MONROVIA – A Representative hopeful of Rivercess County, District Number Two Amuchin Kerryson N. Yeanay, has called on the 54th National Legislature to amend or revise Article 30( b) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

Mr. Yeanay on Wednesday, May 18, told reporters at his Burton residence in Fehn River Administrative District, that the unclear nature of Article 30 (b) of the Liberian Constitution is creating a huge gap that undermines national infrastructure growth across the country.

Article 30(b) of the 1986 Constitution requires aspirants for the country’s legislative seats to be domiciled in the country or constituency to be represented one year before the time of elections and to be a taxpayer.

But contrary to the above, Yeanay believes many representatives and senatorial aspirants, including majority members of the 54th National Legislature have grossly violated said article, before their ascendancy to the Liberian Legislature.

“Domiciled as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is a person’s fixed or permanent, and principal home for legal purposes,” Yeaney noted.

He said people seeking elected positions should be legitimate property owners in said constituencies and not tenants to avoid the usual norm of bad practices that undermine national developmental growth.

“The act to be a renter or living in a family person’s house even stopping in a guest house is particularly a huge embarrassment to River Cess and other developing counties; that is why we have to take a decision now,” he stressed.

“Let’s look at River Cess for example, since 1986, no one politician who won a representative or senatorial seat can tell you that they had their own house before being elected; so what message have they sent to the electorates as patriotic sons and daughters of River Cess.”

However, he assumes that the narrative can be changed if aspirants are compelled by the constitution to have infrastructures in their various constituencies of interests.

 Currently, Yeanay said, as a demonstration to his call on the Legislature, he has carried out a series of developments, including several residential areas as well as business houses, amongst others.