Liberia Returnee Network Laments the Abandonment of Returnees from Refugee Camps in Guinea


Zota District, Bong County – Emmanuel T. Marshall, the Executive Director of the Liberia Returnee Network (LRN) has assured returnees from refugee camps in Guinea that are residing at the Global Village in Zota District, Bong County that his organization will lobby with the government and other humanitarian groups to bring back smiles on their faces, years after their return from exile.

“It was the some politicians who sat down in their rooms; they discussed how to bring war in this country, not calculating that we were going to born our children and they need to go to school, that even we ourselves were going to die in the process,” Mr. Marshall who himself is a returnee said.

He added: “For 250,000 people to die in one country is not a small thing, and today they sat down as nothing has happened. We at the Liberia Returnee Network cannot sit and allow you to still be a refugee in your own home.”

Global Village is a place hosting over 600 Liberian returnees from Refugee Camps in Guinea since their arrival in 2011.

The Liberian Returnee Network provided several farming utensils to residents at the Global Village in Zota District, Bong County.

Also, among the gifts from the Liberia Returnee Network was educational material for the only Immanuel Lutheran Mission School, the school that is educating children at the camp.

The gesture from the Liberia Returnee Network comes after residents of the Global Village expressed dismay over the lack of support from the government since their return.

“We have 686 inhabitants in this camp. Since we have been here the government has not been able to take care of us, the government has neglected us,” Morris Y. Sulonkemele, an administrator of the camp told FPA.

He added, “LRRRC has not been to this our camp. They have been telling us something through our leadership but until now, they had not been able to come to our aids.”

“We have prominent citizens who are in this district, they came and see us –in fact once upon the time the winds came and damage some of our building and we called on our Lawmakers, they came and saw the damaged building but from that day, until present, we have not been able to get any help from any one of them,” Sulonkemele said.

Mr. Marshall speaking over the weekend to residents at the Global Village said the Liberia Returnee Network as umbrella organization will always remember Liberian returnees who are yet to receive support from National Government.

“The little we have, we decided to remember you. These are copybooks for your children; we want to tell you that we have you at heart,” he said.

Mr. Marshall added: “Every time I come here, when I see the little ones, I got emotional. Among these children, are lawyers, doctors, and future leaders are among these children. We pray to God that Global Village will be the focal point soon,” Mr. Marshall said.

According to Liberian Returnee Network Executive Director, his team has met with Executive of the Liberia Repatriation Rehabilitation and Reintegration Commission (LRRRC) to bring relief to returnees residing at the Global Village in Zota District in Bong County.

“We were in meeting with the LRRRC boss the other day, and do not be surprised that a delegation from the government will soon come in to help. We are not only telling them to come and give you words, we are telling them to come and act. Because you are not responsible for the suffering you are going through,” he said.