Liberia: Police Officer Incarcerated for ‘Killing’ Peaceful Citizen


Report by Augustine T. Tweah, [email protected]

Monrovia – Roosevelt Demann, the police commander who allegedly killed a commercial motorcyclist, has been remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting trial.

He was formally charged with murder on Thursday.

Demann was Commander at the Tortoise Base Depot the commercial district of Red-Light, Paynesville.

He allegedly shot Beyan Lamie on Sunday, April 29 at about 10:00pm after a tussle which erupted from misunderstanding between both of them.

Police say he allegedly committed the murder with pistol marked NP22NORICHO at the Soul Clinic Junction.

Police investigation established that Demann in pursuit of the deceased from a street in Paynesville to the victim relative’s house where he was finally arrested and a tussle ensued between them where the victim sustained a bullet wound at the right head.

The police further established that there was no danger posed to defendant Demann by victim Beyan Lamin to have necessitated the use of fire arm. The Police added that the victim was gunned down from his rear demonstrating that he was escaping from the defendant (Demann).

Investigation conducted by the LNP Forensic Ballistic Unit on April 30 established that the weapon which was assigned to defendant Demann was discharged with two ram on two separate occasions on April 29.

The police investigation also added that defendant Demann is a trained and certified fire armed carrier and was assigned one weapon pistol (NP22 NORICHO) with serial number AD97716and marked 97 which was used on the victim.

“In view of the above circumstances, the investigation has resolved to charge defendant Roosevelt Demann with the crime of murder in violation of chapter 14, subchapter (A) section 14.1 of the revised Penal Law of Liberia pending trail by court,” the Charge Sheet added.

Chapter 14 Section 14.1 of the Revised Penal Law of Liberia states: “A person is guilty of murder if he purposely or knowingly causes the death of another human being; Or Causes the death of another human being under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life. Murder is a felony of the first degree but a person convicted of murder may be sentenced to death or life imprisonment as provided in Sections”

At the same time, Inspector General of Police Patrick Sudue said 10 officers of the LNP (9 ERU & 1 PSU) have been suspended from duty for time indefinite, pending court trial for illegal discharged of fire arm, use of excessive force and aggravated assault which resulted into the injury of peaceful citizens.

“Nicholas Jeh, Sam P. Davis, Gees W. Gobewole, Hector Varla, Darren N. Williams and J. Kollie Larmouth, these officers were suspended for time indefinite and they will have to go to court for the illegal discharged of fired arm were one Zinnah Dassen and Francis Benson of Kinjor sustained injury in the leg from bullet wound from our officers and used of lethal force against unarmed citizens, so we have suspended them for time indefinite and they will be forwarded to court. The decision was taken on May 1, 2018,” he said.

The Inspector General also noted that officer William G. Smith of the Patrol division has been dismissed from the Liberia National Police for tampering with a criminal investigation involving the mysterious death of Rebecca Kerkulah and exhorting money from suspects in the case.

“He tampered with a criminal investigation which was involved with neglect homicide. He investigated the case without recording the case in the occurrence book, he did not do a recording and he investigated the case on his own, charged people, detained them and solicits money from them and allows them to go. So, immediately upon the investigation of this officer on April 10, 2018 he was dismissed,” IG Sudue noted.

The Police chief assured the public that his administration is the people’s administration and as such the LNP will not condone any illegal act by any police or perpetrator of crime or brutality against peaceful citizens.

“We can assure you that in the discharge of our duties, any police officer who will violate the law will be dealt with according to the law. I will like to say in this public manner that no police officer is above the law, not even the Inspector General of police. We are law enforcers and we should also abide by the law”