Liberia: Police Nab Main Murder Suspect in Maryland Killing


MARYLAND COUNTY — Police in Maryland County Tuesday announced the arrest of a guy only known as  “Open Zipper”, 28, for the murder of 22-year-old motorcyclist, Mordecial Nyemah.

Police say he was arrested in Sinoe County following a manhunt operation. 

He faces a murder charge.
This is the second murder suspect that has been arrested less than a week since the murder of the 20-year-old Nyemah.

On March 25, police arrested 18-year-old Moses Malmah who later confessed to the murdering of Nyemah, but later escaped the Harper Central Prison after angry residents stormed the prison, allowing 91 inmates to flee, according to the county attorney.
The murder of Nyemah last week sparked protests in Plebo Sodoken District and Harper, prompting government to announce a 6:00am to 6PM curfew in the county.

The motorcyclist’s death was the most recent in what is believed to be years-long string of ritualistic killings in the county that have been blamed by local residents on politicians and businessmen seeking political power.
More to follow..