Liberia: Police IG Sudue Shuns Investigation Into President Weah’s Comments On Deaths Of LRA’s Employees


Monrovia – The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Patrick Sudue, has ruled out the possibility for the conduct of investigation over comments made by President George Manneh Weah following the deaths of two senior employees of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Mrs. Gifty Asmah Lama and Mr. Albert Peters were discovered in a vehicle on Broad Street, opposite the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church in Monrovia during the early morning hours of Friday, October 2. 

Mrs. Lama  was the Acting Manager for Tax Services while Mr.  Peters was the Assistant Commissioner for Audit.

The Late Gifty Asmah Lama was known to be a Research Analyst with the LRA but, prior to her sudden unexplained death, she was transferred as Manager for Taxpayers Services – the section responsible for the supervision of all incoming government money. She was assisting Albert Peters who was also commissioned to audit the consolidated account at the Central Bank of Liberia prior to their mysterious deaths.

FrontPageAfrica gathered from impeccable sources that the Central Bank of Liberia has not been making transfers into that account as required. Revenue and account reconciliation, according to an expert, requires spending long hours at the Central Bank.

Sources informed FrontPageAfrica that Gifty and Albert had been trying to trace taxpayers’ payments to the consolidated fund but had not been successful because the Central Bank had not been making the transfers. Gifty, according to sources, may have been assisting Albert to dig out the collection of revenue relative to this account from the LRA tax system.

Following the incident, President George Manneh Weah told the congregation at his Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church on the Roberts Field Highway, outside Monrovia that the two LRA senior employees were killed.

“It is sad to know that our country-a religious country like Liberia you woke up and you see they killed people in car. What is that? We need to stop. No matter what happened, we cannot take a life. The greatest thing is life and the only one who supposed to take that is God. You know how I felt to wake up in the morning after my birthday and two people in the car to Cathedral Church died? Why-we don’t know; if that was a boyfriend or girlfriend issue, that doesn’t allow you to kill somebody because you don’t know where you will end up”.

But speaking when he appeared as guest on “50-50” talk show on Sky FM on Monday, the Secretary General of the opposition Unity Party, Mo Ali said the claim made by the Liberian Chief Executive clearly shows that he (Weah) has knowledge on why Gifty and Albert were killed, and who are the murderers.

He justified that any comments from the Liberian leader, as head of all the security agencies in the country, should not be taken for granted, and as such, the Liberia National Police (LNP) must “dig” deeper into the assertions.

He noted that the narratives or accounts which characterized the deaths of the two LRA employees are saddened, and as such, President Weah’s assertions must serve as a “clue or lead way” for investigators.

“I think that the President making such insinuation is clearly telling that that he must have had some ideas about why the people were killed or murdered; or two, the people who did it. I listened to him and I read it; he’s talking about boyfriend and girlfriend business. Have the police investigated and come out with a conclusion that the people might have been murdered because of some activities leading to fornication or boyfriend, girlfriend issue-nothing”.

“If the President comes out with this statement; I think it is a cause for investigation by the police. They must be digging now to see who was the boyfriend or girlfriend. You know the President is the head of all of the security agencies; the President gets intelligence and when he makes those kinds of statements, they are definite and that should give a clue or lead way to the investigators to know where exactly to start from”.

Appearing as guest on a OK Morning Rush on OK FM99.5 on Tuesday, IG Sudue played a ‘smart ball game’ by escaping to clearly respond or give a definite position to an inquiry from one of the callers.

He justified that he is not the official Spokesperson of the Liberian Chief Executive, and as such, he reserves further comments on the President’s statement.

“Somebody spoke about the President making assertions; I didn’t listen to that or if I listen to that in fact I am not the spokesman for the President. So, I cannot speak to any assertions the President made. I think Smith Toby is here; you can contact Smith Toby on that”.

Speaking early, IG Sudue pointed out that additional persons will be called in for interrogation upon the receipt of the call logs of the victims.

Following the discovery of the victims’ bodies in the vehicle, the LNP requested the call logs of Gifty and Albert, through the office of the County Attorney for Montserrado.

“We have already put in for the call log; we have talked to people from LRA, from the bank, city parking attendant, the watchman and we talked to just anybody and everybody. When we get the call log hopefully in a day or two from now-definitely we will start to invite other people we think we need to talk to”.

He further called on citizens not to relent on providing the necessary information to the police in relation to the incident.

“We are appealing to Liberians to come forward with any information they have. Your information will be treated with confidentiality and we will also protect your ability. If you have any information, please do not relent to come to us.

“This police is not partisan police. Any police officers that will portray him or herself as a politician or align themselves with any political party, that person will be dealt with in accordance with our laws”.