Liberia: NPP Refutes VP Jewel Howard Taylor’s Assertion on the Party’s Independence


MONROVIA — The Chairman of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), James Biney, is urging partisans of the party not to deviate from the content of a recent Peace Agreement to maintain stability in the party.

Worried by rising discontent among its members and an attempt to starve off imminent crisis, the party recently organized a reconciliatory retreat which brought together the standard bearer of the party and Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor and Senator Biney of Maryland County – two senior members of the party who were at loggerheads over the party’s choice of candidate in the December 8, 2020 senatorial elections in Maryland.

As part of the Peace Agreement, FrontPageAfrica understands, was for the party to go through a vigorous restructuring process in 11 of the 15 counties, but it appears that peace agreement has not been upheld.

Biney in a Facebook post on March 23 pleaded with partisans to maintain the stability in the party as digressing from the peace agreement would plunge the party in another chaos.

“At this time when the party is desperately in need of unity, the Team Leaders cannot afford to return leaving the county party divided. They would go down as failing the party,” Biney posted on his Facebook page.

Continuing, he said: “To those who will be attending the different party gatherings, the document is  clear. 11 counties will be restructured maintaining the chairs of these counties. Four counties will undergo absolute restructuring.”

Biney said the party has not had an election for District Coordinator for 20 years and also claiming that the party hasn’t put in place a “dependable” membership roster to retain District Coordinators following the Peace Agreement. 

“The bottom line is that we are accommodating each other and relaxing all technicalities to get the party united and to allow for us to go to Convention in the soonest time possible,” he said.

“Let the Team Heads and those attending the gatherings, especially the Chairs as recognized by the Peace document be guided,” Biney said.