Liberia: Night Clubs, Bar to Remain Closed as Deputy Police Chief Promises to Get Tough on Enforcement of COVID-19 Restrictions, Wearing of Masks

In a telephone interview with Truth Breakfast show, he cautioned all citizens to abide by the health protocols prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

MONROVIA – Mr. Marvin Sackor, Deputy Inspector General for Operation has warned that the Liberian National Police will vigorously enforce the health mandate of wearing masks and closure of night clubs and bars across the country.

In a telephone interview with Truth Breakfast show, he cautioned all citizens to abide by the health protocols prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

Col. Sackor: “The joint security will start a full enforcement of the national health mandate which include the wearing of mask and closure of night clubs and bars. We are appealing to all the businesses to enforce the mask wearing mandate. All institutions of learning are to remain closed with exception of 12th graders, restaurants and cook shops are to enforce the mandate.

“We know the holiday is coming, but night clubs and bars should remain closed; for banks at least, you should have 10 customers in the bank at a time. We are appealing to community leadership to take the lead by ensuring that people entering or leaving their communities wear their masks and wash their hands.

“We will use the law to ensure that people in violation of the law will pay for their actions.”

President George Manneh Weah this week ordered the men and women of the Armed Forces of Liberia to return to barracks effective 12 midnight today, July 21, 2020. This was due to the expiration of the state of emergency.

The President in his statement said, that the legal basis for the continuous presence of the army in some parts of the country to assist with the fight against the Coronavirus elapsed with the end of the State of Emergency.

He however pointed out that the army has special logistical and human resource capabilities that could be called upon when needed.

 President Weah also mandated Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah and other relevant authorities to scrupulously utilize the public health laws going forward as the guiding tool for curtailing the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

He urged the health authorities to strictly implement these laws in order to reinforce the practice of the wearing of facemasks, social distancing, and washing of hands along with other health protocols.

“The President has admonished the public not to construe the cessation of the state of emergency as license to engage in behaviors that may lead to further spread of the virus, as delinquent acts can be punished under the public health laws.”

 I am not a coward

Also, during the interview, Col. Sackor dispelled claims that he’s harboring personal malice for Representative Yekeh Kolubah that led to Tuesday’s standoff. “I have no reason to go after anyone but this country is governed by law.

Col. Sackor: “The issue with Yekeh was a clear violation of the traffic law, I was only doing my job. On many occasions, Senators from opposition and ruling parties call me when they have issues and we handle it from a professional point. I will always remain profession once I am doing my job.”

He also denied allegation by Representative Yekeh Kolubah that during one of his appearance on Prime FM he threatened to arrest him (Yekeh) and challenged the lawmaker to show proof. “The claim that I threatened a lawmaker has no truth, if they have proof, let them bring it. I am not going to speak much about what transpired and I hope that everyone learned their lesson.

“Yekeh was elected, he is a government official like I am, so I cannot denounce that. The job as a 102 is a strategic job that comes with constraints and challenges. I am professional and remain professional. I am not a coward, I will use the law against anyone who violates the Constitution. I am under obligation to protect life and property, I will always do my job. If we want to better Liberia, we should always respect the law and if you want to be respected, you should also respect the police.”

He further confirmed that traffic violation is not a crime but, according to him, it depends on the action of the driver which could amount to breach of peace.