Liberia: NaFAA Reacts To Media Reports on World Bank Approval of US$20m


MONROVIA – The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) attention has been drawn to several news publications wrongly quoting the World Bank Team on the approval of $20M by its board of directors.

The visiting World Bank team from Washington DC whilst touring NaFAA facility for an ongoing World Bank Project approved in November 2021; stated during an interview, that they were impressed with the progress made by the government and on which basis, , there could be a possibility of sourcing additional financing through one of its partners.

NaFAA, would like to inform the general public that the sourcing of additional funding is in a working process and is yet to be finalized on the other hand thanked the World Bank for its enormous support towards the fisheries sector of Liberia.