Liberia: Mob Violence Claims Lives of Two Zogos, Accused of Hararassing Shoppers on X-Mas Eve


Monrovia – Two Zogos (drug addicted) are said to have died after they harassed
several Christmas shoppers and vendors in central Monrovia.

The group of Zogos took to the streets Saturday, moving into stores with cutlasses to harass individuals.

Out of the many, attackers, two were killed by an angry mob.

J.H. Webster Clayeh (0886729972)[email protected]

The Zogos action caused many vendors to pack their market due to the violence.

Eyewitnesses told FrontPageAfrica that the group of Zogos took to the streets after being denied their routine Christmas packages from Finda Bondo, the Chief of Protocol to President George Weah.

One eyewitness said the group of Zogos gathered at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) to get their Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, none of the government officials including Madam Bondo showed up.

Angered by neglect, the Zogos took to the streets and resorted to harassing vendors and Christmas shoppers.

“They took all the man’s money. The man who was changing money on Center Street,” Korto Flomo, an eyewitness and vendor told FrontPage Africa.

She added: “So the people started to retaliate and two Zogos died, one on Ashmun Street and the other one died somewhere around Water Street.”