Liberia: Min. Kemayah Calls for Collective Mobilization of Resources to Counter Terrorism, Extremism in Africa


MALABO, E. GUINEA – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dee-Maxwell Kemayah, has re-echoed Liberia’s support for the Declaration on Terrorism and Unconstitutional Changes of Government In Africa – “Robust Response, Deepening Democracy And Collective Security”.

Min. Kemayah pledged the support at The Extraordinary Summit of The Executive Council of The African Union which focused on Terrorism And Unconstitutional Changes of Government In Africa.

The Summit was held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

According to Min. Kemayah, the continued proliferation of terrorist and armed groups in Africa is undermining the hard-earned peace, stability and security of Member States. He emphasized that stable settlements, economic growth, and development are being undermined in all five regions of the African continent.

“Any delay, therefore in finding durable solutions to combat the menaces of terrorism and violent extremism could undercut the viability of the African States through the minimization of their capacities to provide the legitimate needs of their citizens,” Min. Kemayah said.

He further called on African leaders to deliberate on the specific drivers of terrorism and violent extremism and proffer effective response mechanisms that can enable them to make appropriate decisions to strengthen the collective security of African States.

He said, it is by mobilizing the needed resources from all concerned, including Member States, the international community, and relevant partners that the continent can find robust solutions to the twin problem of terrorism and violent extremism.

Liberia’s Foreign Minister recalled the years of brutal civil conflict Liberia experienced and the adverse effects the country continues to grapple with since the end of the war in 2003. He noted that the war in Liberia started with an armed group and ended with armed groups.

“Liberia supports the inclusion of Armed Groups in the Declaration; considering the fact that there are experiences of armed groups also, either being responsible for, or a contributing factor to unconstitutional changes of Government in Africa,” Min. Kemayah said.

He opined that any attempt to leave out armed groups in the declaration will render the effort of the African Union on the premise incomplete.

“Liberia, therefore, proposes that the Declaration be termed: ‘Declaration on Terrorism, Armed Groups And Unconstitutional Changes In Government In Africa’ and that the contents therein be accordingly reflected in the Declaration,” he said.