Liberia: Local Trade Union Organisation Petitions Senate To Concur With House Of Representatives On Amended Decent Work Bill


MONROVIA – On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, a group under the banner Local Labor Trade Union Organization petitioned the Liberian Senate to concur with the House of Representatives on the passage of Decent Work Bill.

According to the petitioners, the quest to amend these   sections came as a result of the untold suffering and extreme poverty brought upon the working class of the country since the coming into force of the Decent Work Act.

The amendment to the law was proposed by Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh of electoral District 1 Margibi County.

“It is our civil duty to obey the laws of the state and equally become our national responsibility to critique those laws so as to see whether it is in the best interest of humanity. It is, therefore, from this background we, the working people and would be former workers of the country, have assembled here today for the purpose of delivering a petition statement to you the senate.

“This is a solemn call to effect concurrence with the House of Representatives to ensure that working people and their local trade Union Organization of this country have their fair share of their labor and be treated with respect and dignity.”

In the petition presented by the Mr. Rodennick Bongorlee, Firestone Agriculture Workers Union Chairperson, the group disagree with   statement made by the Liberian Labor Congress for calling on the Senate not to concur with the House of Representatives with no ‘tangible’ reason. 

“We categorically reject such a statement and further called on you not to give credence to their statement as it has the tendency to drive the working people backward and so we therefore call on you not to adhere to their calls.”

Liberia labor Congress at a news conference expressed disenchantment in the Margibi District #1 Representative, Tilbelrosa Tarponweh for the submission of amended version of the 2015 Decent Work Act.

 The decent work act was passed by the 53rd Legislature in 2015 with aim to protect workers’ fundamental rights at work, labor institutions and administration, and contains provisions on recruitment and termination of work, minimum conditions of employment, workers’ compensation, industrial relations and employment agencies.