Liberia: LNRCS Warns Covid-19 Prevention Is Not An Option; But A Real Demand


Monrovia – The Liberia National Red Cross Society has warned that prevention is not an option but a real demand to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Liberia.

Welcoming the latest measures announced by the health authorities, the Red Cross noted that the public has a “crucial role to play and should not take COVID-19 pandemic lightly after Liberia has recorded three positive cases and with lot more contacts.

In a Press Release, the Liberian Red Cross said the public should straightly follow the Infection Prevention and Control measures and all other measures put in place by government to make sure the outbreak doesn’t proceed in a totally out of control fashion and overwhelm local health services and response capacities.

The LNRCS Secretary General said it is crucial and urgent for communities to quickly identify and report close contacts of the confirmed cases at the moment, emphasizing that early detection, early testing, early isolation, and early treatment are much more effective for quick recovery and to stop further spread. 

Mr. Ambullai Perry added that further transmission could also be reduced if people continue to wash their hands regularly, cover their mouths and noses when coughing and sneezing, avoid closed contact and isolate themselves if they have any symptoms.

As an auxiliary to the public authorities, the Red Cross remains vigilant, focused and ready to complement the efforts of the government by promoting infection prevention and control measures in communities, as well as share prevention information to ensure that people are empowered and informed about their health and safety in the affected areas.

He said LNRCS is working with the health authorities to scale up its prevention initiatives and mobilize its volunteers for mass awareness and hygiene promotion but resources at its  disposal at the moment is extremely insufficient and is therefore looking forward for support from the public, increased partnership and collaboration in strengthening its response effort against the COVID-19.