Liberia: ‘I don’t Drink, I Don’t Smoke; I’m Naturally High’ – Rep. Solomon George


MONROVIA – Montserrado County district # 7 Representative Solomon Claudius George has attributed his uncompromising harsh posture and utterances against his colleagues and others on critical national issues to the need for his constituents’ behavior and attitude to be reflected in their representation at the National Legislature.

Lawmaker George is representing the people of district 7 on the ticket of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). Bulk of his constituents comes from the densely populated and slum township of West Point.

Representative George observed that most of those who elected him, particularly residents of are “grona people” and as such, whatever he does should be a true representation of his constituents.

In Liberia, “grona people” refer to those who engage into hostile or unwholesome acts or practices to earn a living or survive.

He made these comments when he appeared as guest on the Prime Morning Show (PMS) on Prime FM 105.5 on Wednesday, July 6.

Representative George maintained that the harsh manner and form in which he respond to national issues makes him to be admired and loved by vast majority of his constituents.

“If you go down West Point, most of the people there are not silent; they are rivalry people or what we called ‘grona people’. So you as the Representative of West Point, you think I should be soft or intelligent like you or as they are? You work in terms, for, with, and by the people. And guess what, they love me for that. The people know that I am their man and I am from them. So, they accept me for what I am”.

“If you go and tell the people ‘Solomon George can cuss’, they will say ‘we like him like that talk something different. I don’t smoke or drink (alcohol). Only water I can drink and get hard. Other people think I can smoke, I am naturally hard”.

Getting “hard” in Liberia means to take you dangerous illegal drugs or substances including marijuana, cocaine, among others.

He noted that as a result of the love and admiration and constituents have for him, some individuals are now spreading falsehood ahead of the 2023 elections that he does not reside in the district.

Representative George is noted for threatening to ensure that residents of the Township of West Point dragged “to the last government toilet and shit on” the former Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) Madam Mary Broh if she attempted to demolish makeshift homes and business centers in his district.

This statement made at the time put him into trouble with scores of women groupings in Monrovia. But despite the pressure and condemnations, the CDC lawmaker reneged to backpedal on his assertions.

In 2014, he also threatened to lead a group of West Pointers to place bodies of citizens who died from Ebola at the office of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf on Capitol Hill if the Task Force responsible fails to collect the bodies in a timely manner.

His utterances were made following the delay by the Ebola Task Force to remove bodies from various communities in an effective and efficient manner after the virus was raging hell in Liberia.

Not speaking truthfully to the President

Representative George is on record for using displeasing comments against some public officials who are closer to the President.

According to him, those public officials were not telling truth to the Liberian leader.

However, he observed that these officials have somersaulted and are now saying truth to the President because the country is now heading to elections.

“The President had people around him that weren’t telling him the truth. What happened in Lofa County, it tells you that they are coming to themselves. I used to blame Thomas Fallah as one of them who does not speak truthfully to the President. But by his workings now, you can tell that he’s strengthening his bended or twisted rods”.

Representative George expressed the hope that no other ruling party will be seen or heard about in Lofa if the seed the ruling CDC is planting in the area germinates.

He attributed the defeat of the former ruling Unity Party candidate Galakpai Kortimai to the high level of “complacency” on the part of the party’s Political Leader Joseph Nyuma Boakai and others who visited the county barely three days to the by-election.

He said despite the win, the CDC should not be complacent in exerting efforts to win the minds of citizens of Lofa ahead of the elections.

Seeking a third term

Speaking further, Representative George disclosed that he will seek a third term in the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections.

He is currently serving his second term in the 54th National Legislature.

He said his decision taken to contest is intended to ensure that all bills and other documents sent to the House of Representatives by his Political Leader, President Weah are documented and passed without any hindrance.

 “To be frank, I like what is coming up in my district-some young people want to run and I hear and watch them on the social media. I hear some of them talking I can just laugh because; I started doing my work from the first day I won the election. They are behind time”.

Representative George noted that though others are declaring their intentions to remove him from office, he does not have any rival in the race.

“Mr. Emmanuel Dahn (an aspirant) has not done about 10% of the work I have been doing. I am quite sure that he’s not my rival”.

He stated that he has done nothing wrong to relinquish his quest to seek a third term in the pending election.

He pointed out for the sake of peace and stability in his district which has been stereotyped in Liberia, he makes it his responsibility to handle bills at the court and settle disputes among the locals on a regular basis.

“I go around settling issues including quarrels, fights to ensure that there is peace among my people. There is no security standing around my gate”.