Liberia: Friends of Cummings demands Government to Dismiss Charges against the ANC Political Leader


Monrovia – The Friends of Alexander Cummings comprising natural born Liberians living in the United States of America have called on the government of Liberia to, with immediate effect, dismiss the charges of forgery and criminal conspiracy against the political leader of the Alternative National Congress Mr. Alexander Cummings.

On January 5, 2022, a writ of arrest was issued under the gavel of Monrovia City Court’s Judge Jomah Jallah for the ANC’s strong man, Mr. Cummings.

The All Liberian Party Political Leader Mr. Benoni Urey filed a lawsuit against Mr. Cumming for allegedly altering the Collaborating Political Party’s framework document.

But in a statement Tuesday, the group of Liberians, mostly supporters of ANC living in the US, said the case by the ALP Political Leader is a political witch hunt to advance what they termed as a “personal vengeance” of Mr. Urey.

“After reviewing the writ of arrest, and circumstances leading to its issuance, we, the Friends of Alexander Cummings, comprising of members of the ANC, all natural born Liberians, living in the United States of America, are hereby calling upon the Liberian government with immediate effect, to dismiss all charges against Mr. Alexander Cummings and drop the case,” the group stated.

It continued: “Our call is driven by the fact that the writ of arrest was not driven by the desire to achieve justice, but rather a political witch hunt to advance a personal vengeance of Mr. Benoni Urey, the supposedly, plaintiff in this case, who filed the lawsuit.”

According to the group, the charges are unsubstantiated and lack the backing of any reasonable legal thinking.

This, the group stated, highlights the international concerns of how Liberia’s legal system is overwhelmed with corruption and is being hijacked by lawbreakers -individuals that it’s supposed to target.

“This lawsuit and the writ of arrest that followed suggest that the Liberian legal process is now turning into a chamber of terrorism to terrorize peaceful and law-abiding Liberian citizens,” the group stated.

“We, the authors of this statement, driven by every moral impetus in our being, are deeply and particularly concerned that Mr. Benoni Urey, a well-known transgressor within the Liberian society, wanted by the laws of Liberia, and declared as fugitive  within the international community, could muster such a courage to use the Liberian judicial system, aided and abetted by the representatives of the Liberian government, to terrorize Mr. Alexander Cummings,  an outstanding and law abiding citizen of Liberia,” the group further stated.

According to the group, the ANC’s Political Leader has an exemplary life, locally, nationally and internationally and that it is ruthless that he (Mr. Cummings) has been the center of what they termed as insane envy and jealousy by the likes of the ALP Political Leader Mr. Urey.

“Benoni Urey was investigated, both domestically and internationally, with all investigations coming with top level sanctions. In Liberia, according to the final report of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission, an investigative body, with both national and international characters, Mr. Benoni Urey, is listed as an economic criminal who perpetrated economic crimes against the Liberian state and people. International investigations in which Mr. Urey was also sanctioned were conducted by the United Nations, and the United States, the statement recalled.

It continued: “In the United Nations investigations, Mr. Urey was put on an international travel ban and the call for freezing of his assets for his economic crimes committed during the Liberian 14yr senseless violence in which Urey played a deadly role of importing guns and other weapons of mass destruction.”