Liberia: FPA News Desk Chief Receives Outstanding Public Service Award


Monrovia – Lennart Dodoo, the New Desk Chief of FrontPageAfrica Newspaper says with all of the energy journalists put into their job, there are hardly recognized or appreciated for their sacrificial service.

Dodoo, made the assertion at the Bella Casa Hotel over the weekend when he received the 2022 Grassroots Alternative Movement Award for his Outstanding Public Service to Liberia.

“Journalism is not an easy job. It is not easy as people think it is.

We often get criticized, and people say a lot of negative stuff about us, but when you walk in our shoes and sit in the seat that we sit in to do our work, you will realize what we go through,” he said.

He said, what even gets more frustrating is that the very public in whose interest journalists report are the very ones that condemn the journalists often because some of them are beneficiaries of the people journalists tend to expose.

He, however, appreciated the U.S.-based Grassroots Alternative Movement for the recognition – something he said he did not see coming.

According to the FPA Newsroom Chief,  when he received the email from the Grassroots Alternative Movement, he thought it was a scam.

He quickly checked their website to authenticate whether the organization is real and the activities they’re into.

Dodoo said: “I have never reached out to them before; they have never reached out to me before. I may have published some releases from them that I cannot even remember. However, for them to come on their own and select me among hundreds of journalists in Liberia, they actually did due diligence.”

“We really appreciate this recognition; let it serve as a motivation for not only me or the FrontPageAfrica family but let it serve as a motivation to my fellow young people, especially my fellow journalists,” he said.

Presenting the award, Emmanuel K. Urey, Ph.D., Chairman, GAM-Liberia said Dodoo’s journalism has immensely contributed to the sustenance and improvement of Liberia’s democracy. 

“You have braved the storm in exposing corruption and other ills in society. We would like to encourage to continue what you do for we do highly appreciate your work. It is our expectation that this award would motivate other young people,” he said.

He received the award along with Mr. Stanley Toe, a professional in public administration. He also received Outstanding Public Service Award for his enormous contributions to land rights reform in the country.

Mrs. Ne-suah M. Beyan-Livingstone, Founder and Executive Director of the Rescue for Abandoned Children in Hardships (REACH), received the ultimate award — Freedom Award.

Grassroots Alternative Movement was founded in 2018 in Liberia and the United States. The Grassroots Alternative Movement is a social justice, political, and advocacy organization committed to building a just society in Liberia with the tenets of fair play, equality, and justice.