Liberia: Former Unity Party USA/Canada Chaplain General Named Convention Chair for Upcoming Party Convention in the USA


PHILADELPHIA, USA – Rev. Ephraim Bracewell, former Chaplain General of Unity Party USA/Canada, has been named as Convention Chairperson slated to take from 13-21 of May 2023 in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

By Selma Lomax [email protected]

In a communication dated March 6, 2023 addressed to Rev. Bracewell, the party’s National Chairman, Dr. Luther Tarpeh wrote: “We have acknowledged the appointment of the two committees namely; Constitution Revision headed by Atty. Titus Saar and the National Convention Coordinating headed by Rev.Theo Bracewell. The National Coordinating Committee of the Unity Party has also endorsed holding your convention slated between the 13-21, of May 2023 in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America.”

Months ago, Rev. Bracewell resigned his post, stating he remains a loyalist of the party, and vowing to remain engaged with partisans in the USA, Canada and Liberia in every way possible in order to keep the party’s flag flying. 

“As a party loyalist, I will remain engaged with partisans across the US and Canada who believe in the ideology of Unity Party Liberia and are willing to implement its mandate, ” Rev. Bracewell. 

In a communication to UP- USA Chairman, Kerper Dwanyen, Rev. Bracewell admitted that his decision was a hard one to make but was based upon the party’s decision to convene a convention. 

The outgoing UP-USA/Canada Champlain General believes that the holding of a convention would not only recognize partisans but rally support for the Party in Liberia ahead of the elections. 

“It’s  a hard decision for me but the Party’s decision that the UP-USA/Canada go to a convention is more important, which I believe will not only recognize our people but rally support for the Party in Liberia,” he continued. 

“I wish you and others all the best, and thank all the wonderful partisans I had the opportunity of working with during the last three years serving in different capacities, including an elected Chaplain General,” he concluded.