Liberia: Famous Authors Urged to Support Emerging Writers


An emerging Liberian author has urged fellow writers, especially industry leaders, to support the efforts of first-time authors to keep them inspired. Ms. Massa Dopoh believes when writers work in unison, magic happens.

Besides, new writers need all the support they can possibly get to further strengthen their confidence and motivation. As Massa puts it, “this is what makes us better at what we do or aspire to do.” 

As writers, it is critical to break free from the crab mentality of “if I can’t have it, neither can you”. Intentionally supporting each other will foster the growth and development of Liberia’s writing industry. Doing otherwise will prevent any potential success of the sector; ensuring a rather collective demise.

Here are few ways Massa thinks famous writers can support fresh voices of the Liberian writing community: (a) help new writers expand their network by connecting them with others; (b) promote them, (c) help them improve their writing and editing skills by letting them bounce ideas off of you, and (d) together, strengthen each other’s literary community.

“The more we aren’t afraid of identifying the potential in others, the better we will be as a community of Liberian writers. The more we aren’t threatened by each other’s growth potentials, the better we will be. The more we aren’t afraid of complimenting the effort of others, the better we will be,” she notes.

Massa is basically advocating the need for literary friendship between existing or known authors and emerging writers—together, we thrive.

Debut Book

The Delaware-based Liberian has authored her debut book, focusing primarily on the need for compulsory early childhood education in Liberia. Massa’s Evidence-based Intervention Approach to Addressing Early Childhood in Liberia: The Importance of Utilizing Family Systems Theory presents current realities and research-based information on the critical need to provide top-quality early education to all Liberian children. This, she believes, will pave the way to success in school and in life. 

The book is written in an engaging style, and provides practical examples of authentic instructional best practices that Liberia can benefit from. It explores the country’s approach to early childhood education, presenting comparative analyses and success stories, backed by sound recommendations for adoption by the Liberian government. Massa’s strong coverage of contemporary topics and issues distinguishes her book from other early childhood education texts focusing on the Liberian education system.

The book currently available on Amazon. If you are a Kindle user, it will cost you only $10 to access this invaluable resource. Hardcopies of the book was also available at $30 each.