Liberia: EPS Agent Assigned to NPA Managing Director Under Interrogation for Murder


Monrovia – The Liberia National Police is interrogating an agent of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) who allegedly shot and killed an unarmed man identified as Valentine T. Johnson at about 1:00 AM in the Police Academy community, Paynesville.

Report by Francis G. Boayue

Patrick Kollie reportedly used his assigned arm to commit the murder. He is assigned to the Managing Director of the National Port Authority, Mr. Bill Twehway.

The Executive Protection Service is an elite group of armed men and women providing security for the President and all VIPs in the Executive. They also provide security for foreign guests visiting the country.

The deceased, according to report, was riding a motorbike along with two other unidentified people when Agent Kollie chased him with a car and shot him. He died on the scene.

An eyewitness identified as Martin Gbaintor said the incident took place at noon Monday when the alleged perpetrator, Patrick Kollie was chasing two men.

“The EPS officer (Patrick Kollie) did not shoot in the direction of the two men he was chasing but rather shot in the opposite direction with the bullet hitting the victim, Valentine Johnson which led to his instant death,” he said.

The deceased family during a press conference on Monday said they will remain resolute until they get justice for his death.

The family spokesman, Hans Beyan, said, “We are confident in the police that our late brother will get justice as the police have gathered every fact leading to the incident and the family is working out modalities to ensure that the remains of Johnson are taken from JFK morgue.”

Meanwhile, the EPS has disrobed Agent Kollie to allow a smooth police interrogation.

The EPS stated in a press statement:

“The Executive Protection Service (EPS) extends its sincere condolences to the bereaved family of the late Valentine T. Johnson who died as a result of a shooting incident involving one of its agents, Patrick Kollie. The incident reportedly took place on the Police Academy road during the early hours of July 4, 2022.

Upon the order of Director Trokon N. Roberts, Agent Patrick Kollie has, with immediate effect, been disrobed and turned over to the Liberia National Police for investigation.

Commenting on the incident on social media, Lord-Alpha Gray, who had had an unpleasant encounter with Patrick wrote:

Great work, LNP. This Patrick guy is an aggressive and rude element. He’s one person who misbehaves in the name of “I am a firearm carrier”. He doesn’t deserve a space in the EPS. Security is discipline, not using your weapon to intimidate people. I once kicked the hell out of this damn lazy one who only uses a gun to prove strength. Had it not been Jusuf Bility and Bill Twehway, I would have dislocated his goddamn arm that day.

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon also commented: POLITICAL/PARTISAN POLICE?

When a fellow recently accused of committing the crime of SODOMY against a fellow Liberian was arrested, the Police were quick to link the accused to his place of work (“in the compound of Mr. Alex Cummings”) for all the obvious (political) reasons.

Now, this fellow said to be an Executive Protective Service (EPS) Officer is accused of KILLING a human being this morning, the Police are yet to link the alleged killer to his place of assignment with the Head of the National Port Authority (NPA). Why?

Are the Police not aware of the alleged KILLER’s assignment post the same way they were quick on knowing and naming the alleged SODOMIZER’s place of work?

By the way, why is EPS assigning Officers to NPA Head when the NPA has entire, well-equipped security?